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Different images of the "Hero", including images of both genders for the three starting classes, Warrior, Mage and Rogue.

The "Hero" is the main and player character of DragonFable. The Hero is destined to become a DragonLord and has customizable hair, skin color, class, gender and armor colors. The player may choose the Hero's name.



The Dragon Egg Saga

The Hero first begins his journey in Oaklore Forest, where he meets Twilly and Lady Celestia, and then protects them from a Gorrilaphant. He then meets up with Celestia again, after talking to Captain Rolith, where she is protecting the Black Dragon Box from Drakath Slugwrath. The Hero defeats Drakath, but a Sneevil steals the box while the Hero is distracted. The Hero then journeys to Falconreach, on the way defeating a three-headed Hydra, a Bear (angered by Zorbak) and some Bandits.

After talking to Twilly, the Hero goes to Robina Hood who has caught the Sneevil who stole the box. Robina gives the box back after the Hero does some quests to help her give gold to the monsters, but Drakath once again comes and attacks Drakath. After Drakath is defeated, it is revealed that the Black Dragon Box is empty, due to the Sneevil dumping its contents in the Junkyard.

After talking to Twilly again, the Hero goes to Valencia, who helps him find the Dragon Egg. It turns out a vulture-like monster has stolen the egg, and so the Hero must travel through the Junkyard and defeated the monster in order to get the egg. The monster turns out to be holding more than one egg.

The Hero goes to Warlic in the hopes that Warlic will be able to identify the correct egg. After doing quests for Warlic, Warlic is able to summon the Doomkitten which will identify the Dragon Egg. The Doomkitten identifies the egg and then the Hero must banish it by fighting it. The Hero then puts the egg in a Secret Cave until it hatches.

Legend of the DragonLord

The Hero's dragon hatches, as does Sepulchure's. The Hero considers his dragon to be cute, even though it attempts to eat Twilly, and takes it to Lady Celestia in order to train it. The Hero then uses the dragon as a pet.

Wind Orb

The Hero using the Pirate class (female).

The Hero either goes to Osprey Cove or the Shadow of the Wind Village. If the Hero goes to Osprey Cove, they do quests for a pirate called Rhubarb. However, if they go to the Shadow of the Wind Village, they do quests for a ninja named Thyton.

Light Orb

Darkness Orb

The Hero using the Paladin class (male).

Energy Orb

Fire Orb

Water Orb

Earth Orb

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