Lady Celestia

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Lady Celestia
Undead Akriloth flies away, after killing Lady Celestia.



Priestess of Lore, trainer of Dragons and their riders! She likes tea

Important Text

A Hero is Bored

Lady Celestia: Thank you for saving me brave <Class> Might I know the name of my hero?
Twilly: But priestess... you said his/her name was <Character> and he/she is the one who is destined to save the world!
<Character>: *blink* What?
Lady Celestia: Alas we are out of time. Good <Class>. I must ask an important favor of thee.
Lady Celestia: Would you please let Captain Rolith know that we’re taking the shortcut? He’s just ahead in Oaklore Keep.
Lady Celestia: I am certain we will cross paths again.
Twilly: Especially since he/she is going to take that Black Dragon Box and ...
Lady Celestia: *sigh* Twilly ..

The Priestess and Twilly walk off.

The Black Dragon Box

Lady Celestia: <Character>! We must protect the Black Dragon Box at all costs!
<Character>: Leave them to me, Lady Celestia.
<Character>: I don't know who you are or why you want the box but you'd better ...
Drakath: My name is DRAKATH! I am the leader of the Darkwolf bandits and the rightful ruler of this land.
Drakath: That box is the key to my throne, and there's no way that I'm letting a peasant like you keep it from me.
Drakath: Stand down or, like the trash that you are, you will be blown away by the winds of my great destiny!
<Character>: You talk big but you don't look so tough. I was just going to take the box and leave but you just made it personal, Pal! Let's see what you've got!
Drakath: Get him!

Battle: Drakath!

Drakath: Impossible! You got lucky this time <Class>!
Sneevil: *snort* Oooooh box!
<Character>: Luck had nothing to do with it, and the name is <Character>. Remember it!
Drakath: Oh I will... You can count on that.

<Character>: Lady Celesita, I'm glad that I got to you in time.
Lady Celestia: Thank you, I am grateful for the rescue. Alas, the box was taken by a sneevil while you were busy smack-talking.
<Character>: What?! Why didn't you say something?!
Lady Celestia: Well, you were really on a roll. I didn't want to interrupt you.
<Character>: ...
Lady Celestia: You must recover the Black Dragon Box before it falls into the wrong hands.
Lady Celestia: Travel to the town of Falconreach and meet with Twilly. He has friends who will be able to help you find that Sneevil.
<Character>: Alright, I will travel to Falconreach... but what about you?
Lady Celestia: Well ... if you are going after the box with Twilly, then ... *thinks* ... I am going to teleport back home and have some tea.
Lady Celestia: Thank you. Bye!
<Character>: !
<Character>: What could be so important about that box?

Sunbreeze Grove

Lady Celestia: Greetings, <Character>. It's good to see you again. Welcome to Sunbreeze Grove, my home.


Dragon Quests

Lady Celestia: Destiny swirls around you and your dragon, <Character>. Are you ready for what the future holds?

- SUMMON: Ride your Dragon.

- DISMISS: Climb off your Dragon.

- DRAGON TRAINING: Go to the Togzilla Attacks! quest and train your Dragon's skills.

- DRAGON ARENA: PvP against other DragonRiders.(You are currently only allowed to battle staff members.)


- GET Dragonlord ARMOR: Sends you on a quest to get the DragonLord armor.

- TRAIN Dragonlord ARMOR: Sends you on a quest to train the skills on your DragonLord armor (Requires "Get Dragonlord Armor" completed).

- EQUIP Dragonlord ARMOR: Equips the Dragonlord Armor (Requires "Get Dragonlord Armor" completed).

- UNEQUIP Dragonlord ARMOR: Unequips the Dragonlord Armor (Requires the Dragonlord Armor equipped).

- UPGRADE Dragonlord ARMOR:

Unlock Color Custom DragonLord Armor - 20,000 Gold
Unlock Evolved DragonLord Armor - Requires Color Custom Upgrade and 20,000 Gold
Unlock Colour Custom Evolved Dragonlord Armor - Requires Evoloved Upgrade and 20,000 Gold

Baby Dragon

Lady Celestia: Your dragon is powerful now but it has the potential to be a force of nature.

- EQUIP: The baby Dragon is added to you party (takes pet's slot).

- BUY FOOD: A shop opens where you can buy Dragon Chow and Special Dragon Chow.

- FEED DRAGON: Opens the Dragon Feeding Menu. You can feed your dragon only once per day.

- TRAIN SKILLS: Dragon Training Menu opens, where you can determine your baby dragon's abilities by using the stat points earned by feeding.

- UNTRAIN SKILLS: Lady Celestia: Untraining your dragon costs 1000G! Are you sure you want to untrain your dragon? *Click "Yes" to untrain, "No" to go back.*

- ELEMENTALIZE: Choose one of eight elements for your dragon.

Lady Celestia: I see that you've been taking good care of the egg that I left in your charge.
Lady Celestia: I always had faith that you would take good care of that egg.The time has come for you to make some decisions.
Lady Celestia: You must first choose your Dragon's ELEMENT.What type of damage do you feel would best suit your dragon?
Lady Celestia: Talk to me again when you're done.

- CUSTOMIZE: Customize your dragon's appearance (DA ONLY)

Lady Celestia: Name has powers, <Character>. This is a basic rule of magic. Naming something can form a strong connection between you and it.
Lady Celestia: The time has come for you to NAME your dragon and attempt to shape its APPEARANCE.

If you don't have a DA:

Lady Celestia: Ah,I see.Your bond with your baby dragon is strong but you lack the power of the Dragon Amulet.
Lady Celestia: It allows you to speak the language of the dragon,and how can you expect your dragon to learn it's name if you don't speak its language?
Lady Celestia: It also strengthens the bond between the two of you,so that you are able to shape this rare dragon's appearance.
Lady Celestia: Without the Dragon Amulet,I'm afraid that you may only call it Draco,which means "Dragon" ...
Lady Celestia:: ... and you will never be able to change it's appearance.
Lady Celestia: Since you are tied to the dragon by the strings of fate, it might, in rare cases, unlock it's own potential ...
Lady Celestia: ... perhaps it will take its battle form when it sees fit to do so, but it will take several hundred years to reach full maturity on it's own.
Lady Celestia: The Dragon Amulet would allow you to unlock the dragon's power at the times when YOU needed it, allowing you power that you've never known.

- GROW DRAGON: pay 10k to lady celestia to have your baby dragon grown into a Toddler Dragon. Your dragon will now be a guest that loads into Friend Slot B.


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