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Captian Rolith



  • Captain Rolith is the Captain of the Knights of the Pactogonal Table, the band of brave knights whom watch over the Oaklore Keep in hopes of guarding the kingdom against invading threats. He stands directly in front of the Keep, offering information about quests in the area, as well as the 2nd part of the "Dragon Egg Quest Chain".
  • (Captain Rolith's PvP ID number is 35)

Important text

Captain Rolith: Welcome to Oaklore Keep, home of the honorable Knights of the Pactogonal Table.

Official Keep Quests

Captain Rolith: These Knight are at their stations throughout the Keep - all of them have different places to guard, and may need your help!

Captain Rolith: The path to the next town, Falconreach is blocked by a giant sea serpent! None of our Knights have been able to stop it.

Captain Rolith: Sir Loin is our chef in the mess hall. He said he is having some problems with the garden. Perhaps you could lend a hand.

Captain Rolith: Can you check on Sir Vivor and Sir Chasm? They are probably still talking about The Ruins and working on the catapult.

Captain Rolith: Sir Pernatural knows everything about ghosts and goblins. You should ask him to tell you a ghost story.

Captain Rolith: Sir Prize... *sigh* he and Sir Kuss keep trying to out-prank each other. Can you make sure he is not getting himself into any more trouble?

Captain Rolith: Sir Junn is our medic. His infirmary is full of patients. Can you see what is going on?

Captain Rolith: : Sir Valence is standing right next to me. he is the keeps authority on Sneevils!

Captain Rolith: Have you ever wondered what a prospective Pactogonal Knight must go through to join our ranks?

The Priestess' Message

If you are below Level 3

Captain Rolith: *Grumble* The Knight's keep distracting me with an emergency every time you try to tell me about...a massage was it?
Hint: Rolith will be more likely to pay attention if you are level 3 or higher. Time to level up!

If you are equal or above Level 3

Captain Rolith: WHAT!?
Captain Rolith: You saw the Priestess on your way here? Why did you not tell me sooner!
Captain Rolith: ... and she isn't going to stop here at the keep? *Panics* The forest is crawling with bandits that are looking for her.
Captain Rolith: She is in grave danger ... you must go after her!

Choose: It is hero time Go Save Her!
Starts Quest: The Black Dragon Box

Choose: Maybe later ...
Captain Rolith: Listen... I will have you know that this is a VERY IMPORTANT storyline quest.
Captain Rolith: Sure... I understand, you want to go explore the keep some more and look at all the funny Knight names.
Captain Rolith: Except for mine ... my name is the only one that is serious. Captain Rolith: Serious ...
Captain Rolith: Serious like the storyline quest! So next time you come back you better go on that quest and save her!
Captain Rolith: Quests like this one do not just sit around until you eventually feel like doing them.
Captain Rolith: OK... they do. BUT that is not the point!

After you completed the quest this option will be replaced by the following:


Captain Rolith: Falconreach is just over the bridge if you follow the past east. Beware of the giant Sea Serpent which has been attacking the travelers!


Captain Rolith: I am Rolith, Captain of the Knights of the Patagonal Table here at the Keep.
Captain Rolith: The Keep stands here to protect all the subjects of good King Alteon.
Captain Rolith: There are several constant threats to the kingdom and its people. We do our best to keep these threats at bay.
Captain Rolith: You seem very able. Please, lend a hand to any of the knights that you can.



Instantly Heals HP, MP, AND Refills your potions.

Train Stats

For Gold, Captain Rolith transforms the skill points you receive upon leveling up into stat points. Each category is capped so it can only be as high as your level.


he is one of the best guests in the game just click invite

Guest statistics

Basic Informations
Level of Guest: same as character
Character Type:Guest
Dragon Amulet Needed:Yes
Guest Statistics
Damage Type:melee, metal
Special Effects:Always hits 4 times so about 200 per turn


  • He appears in cameo in AdventureQuest as the berserker class trainer.
  • Rolith is the one who created the tog side quests and quests. In one, your character says that rolith was broken out of prison. In another, he CLAIMS that he didn't make it. In yet aother, Rolith accidently mixed the togs and the hydra together. He also introduced Greg and the fire elemental of doom to us. He is still working on the next Togicide side quest.
  • Sometimes he uses a six-hit attack instead of his usual four-hit attack.
  • When he is added as your guest, it can look like his hammer has "THI" inscribed in it. One possible meaning for this acronym is "Traumatic Head Injury."