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Drakath in battle
Drakath in human form with the Ultimate Orb
Dragon Drakath
Dragon Drakath in battle


Drakath appears in some quests of the Dragon Egg Saga

Prince Drakath Slugwrath

  • Drakath is the leader of the Darkwolf bandits.
  • He is the only son of King Slugwrath, an evil king that was defeated by Sir Alteon after years of war.
  • Drakath is working for Sepulchure, in hopes of gaining enough power to circumvent his father's throne for himself.
  • He has a "pet" named Krakhim.
  • The weapon Drakath uses is the Marquis Sword, which can be found in the quests Forest Cave, It's A Dirty Job..., and The Deep Freeze.
  • Recently, Drakath went into the Ruins of Kordana and stole the Wind Orb from Kordana.
  • According to AdventureQuest, he is eventually transformed into a darkness dragon, and ends up as a dracolich but in AdventureQuest Worlds he is the Leader of all 13 Lord of Chaos.
  • He betrayed Sepulchure and he haD Ultimate Orb.
  • Drakath has used the power of the Ultimate Orb to combine with Fluffy and is now the most powerful darkness dragon that Lore has ever seen!
  • Dragon Drakath is defated (he looks like, that he dead) by you when you team up with Sepulchure.
  • After he is "killed", the Mysterious Stranger appears and merges with dead Dragon Drakath to form a red darkness dragon.
  • After you defeated Mysterious Stranger, Drakath is transported to the World of Chaos which leads to AQworlds where he becomes the Champion of Chaos.

Important text

When attacking the Priestess, before first battle

???: Give the box priestess, and we'll kill you quickly.
<Player arrives>
Priestess: (Player's name)! We must protect the Black Dragon Box at all costs!
Player: Leave them to me, Lady Celestia.
I don't know who you are or why you want the box but you'd better...
Drakath: <With the camera getting close to his face>.
My name is DRAKATH! I am the leader of the Darkwolf bandits and the rightful ruler of this land.
The box is the key to my throne, and there's no way that I'm letting a peasant like you keep it from me.
Stand down or, like the trash you are, you will be blown away by the winds of my great destiny!
Player: You talk big but you don't look so tough. I was just going to take the box and leave but you just made it personal, Pal! Let's see what you've got!.
Drakath: <Two Darkwolf Thugs appear on his side>
Get him/her!

Talking to Xan

Xan: DRAKATH!? How dare you attempt to give ME, the great Xan an order?
Drakath: I am calling in the favor you owned my father.
Xan: Hahahahaha... *Cackle crackle*
Yes. *Sizzle* Very well. Hahahaha... I will honor this. The whole town you say? Hahahahahaha!
Drakath: Yes. (player's name) has humiliated me and must pay the price for his/her defiance.
Xan: Good... hahaha good... I was looking for something to amuse myeslf with before I deal with Warlic.
Drakath: Excellent. How many of my men will you need?
Xan: *Smiles with flames* None...
Drakath: What? Are you mad?
Xan: Yes... Haha... yes! Let's see... Haha... It will take one week for my army to arrive in Falconreach.
Look past my shoulder... hahahaha... I have already... HAHAHA sent them a little taste of what is to come! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Drakath: ... <Looks surprised>

Facing Player and Robina, before second battle

Robina: Wow (player's name)! You did a great job. You have held up your end of our deal so you may have the box.
Player: I can have it? Just like that?
Robina:Yup, just like that. What did you expect?
Player: I don't know. For something so valuable, I was expecting a tougher fight. I was expecting some boss to pop up and...
<Drakath appears>
Player: AH... that's more like it.
Robina: You!
Drakath: Ah Robina, thank you for keeping the Black Dragon Box safe for me. I see you've met my new friend, that's wonderful.
Player: Drakath, didn't you learn anything from last time?
Drakath: Yes, I learned that you are a fool for letting me live. This time I'm prepared for you... BOTH of you...
< The Krakhim appears behind him>
Drakath: Now... I WILL have my BLACK DRAGON BOX!

After Second Battle

Drakath: NO!!!! IMPOSSIBLE!
Player: You say that word a lot.
Drakath: Fine, I'll finish you fools later, but the BOX IS MINE!
Robina: No! (player's name), you can't let him open the box!
<Drakath opens the box, but there's nothing inside it.>
Drakath: EMPTY??! BUT HOW?
Sneevil: YES! EMPTY! Give me back my beautiful empty box! Already dumped out useless thing in box.
Sneevil: Sneevil Dump Site, of course!
<An egg is shown in the middle of a lot of trash>

In Captain's Orders (before third battle)

Player: There you are, and with no friends this time. You'll be easy.
Drakath: (Player Name). I heard that you were on Sho Nuff Island. Why do you have to be everywhere that I am?
Player: I'm the hero of the story. It's my job.
Player: Since we both know I'm going to beat you senseless, why not just hand over that Wind Orb and make it easy on yourself?
Drakath: You dare speak that way to me?! YOU SHOULD BE BOWING TO ME!
Player: I don't see that happening any time soon. This is your last chance Drakath ... the Wind Orb ... Now.
Drakath: There is nothing you can do to me that is worse than the price for failing Sepulchure.
Drakath: Besides, I would never give it to Captain Blackberry's stooge. If you want the orb, dog ...
Drakath: ... then come and fetch it.

After Third Battle

Player: Drakath ... what did you ... ?
Drakath:I ... I did nothing ... the Wind Ord ... Such power ...
Player: That was ... Dragon Magic.
Drakath: HAHAHA! The orb must know that I am the rightful king of this land! It responds to it's master's desires!
Drakath: With this power you're no match for me! No one is! HAHAHA! I FINALLY BEAT YOU!
Drakath: MAN! That felt so good! Look! Look! My hands are even shaking a little!
Drakath: Now ... to FINISH you with the orb's power! Player: ...
<Drakath is encapsulated by the Wind Orb's wirlwind.>
Drakath: What? No. NO! Orb, Obey your master! Stop this! Finish (player's name)!
Drakath: NOOOOOooooooooo ...
<Drakath is carried away in the wirlwind>
Player: I can't let Drakath keep that orb, or much worse, give it to Sepulchure ...

In Red Betty's Spell (Before Battle)

Drakath: Work you stupid orb...WORK! I command it! Take me from this place! Why have you brought me here? Why won't you let me leave?
Player: Having some trouble, Drakath?
Drakath: Don't...don't come near me <Player Name>! I...I will use the orb's power again too...
Player: Who are you kidding? It looks like you couldn't use the orb's power to open a jar with a stubborn lid.
Player: I'm not sure what happened before Drakath, why the orb protected you or why it brought you here, but this is the end of the road.
Player: Hand over the orb.
Drakath: NO! The orb knew that I was the rightful king of the land...That HAS to be why it protected me! It did it once and it will do it again...
Drakath: It...it must of brought me here so that I could defeat you in front of your disgusting pirate friends!
Drakath: Yes, that MUST be it! It will protect me again... Fight me again <Player Name>... IF YOU DARE!

After Battle

Drakath: NO! Why did the orb not protect me??!
Player: I don't know why it ever protected you in the first place. Alteon is king of this land, and that is the way it should be.
Drakath: You will pay for your disrespect, <Player Name>. I unlocked the orb's power once and I'll find a way to do it again!
Cap. Blackberry: I don't think so, you fool.
Cap. Blackberry: You are BOTH fools! Now the pearl is mine and I have you both to thank for it. I'm sure your confused, let me explain how I used you both.
Cap. Blackberry: Even tho Kordana is old and her magic is failing, she is still a dangerous enemy. Far too dangerous for me to risk my own life, for the orb.
Cap. Blackberry: When I leaked the location of the orb to sepulchure I didn't dream that he'd send a dim bulb like Drakath to retrieve it.
Cap. Blackberry: Tracking him down was easy enough, but in order to activate to orb's power I had to have the one who possessed the orb to face their greatest foe.
Cap. Blackberry: Once the orb's magic was active, the wind orb was summoned here to my ship, and I have to thank you both.
Cap. Blackberry: Now that the orb is here I can complete the spell that I found twenty years ago, in a strange chest floating in the sea.
Cap. Blackberry: I had the spell woven in the very boards and planks that make up the Red Betty...the ship is a living spell, that will make me a god.
Cap. Blackberry: Soon, the spell will transform me into a monster that hasn't been seen in a thousand generations of sailors...
Cap. Blackberry: I will be the ultimate power in the seas when I become the KING BRAKEN!
Cap. Blackberry: It's working! The spell is working! Soon I will be GOD OF THE SEA, and you two fools have the honor of being my first worshipers...
Cap. Blackberry: ... as well as my first meal when the transformation is complete. HAR HAR HAR!
Drakath: HA! Me? Worship YOU? You look like an accident at a sushi restaurant.
Player: So let me get this straight... You used us to get the orb so you could complete a spell that you had written into your ship...
Player: ... and now you're becoming a god-powerful sea monster, but you're halfway between the Braken and Captain Blackberry right now?
Cap. Blackberry: That's exactly right.
Drakath: So right now you're... Brakenberry?
Player: That sounds like the name of a breakfast cereal.
Cap. Blackberry: Don't start with me... I actually know a pirate named Captain Krunch. Now... BOW TO ME!
Player: Bow to yourself, I'm busy. Drakath, this could get serious.
Player: If we join forces, just this one time, we might have the power to defeat this monstrosity. What do you say?
Drakath: I say... LET'S DO IT! I will fight by your side, <Player Name>!
Player: Really?
Drakath: HAHAHA! No! Have fun with squidward, sucker!
Player: That guys is such a jerk.
Cap. Blackberry: Only you and me now, hero. Are you going to bow to me or am I going to have to destroy you?
Player: You're not a god yet Brakenberry, you freak. Let's see what kind of power you have.
Cap. Blackberry: That was a mistake <Your Character's Name>. Prepare to pay the ultimate price.

Walk Through Fire (Before Battle)

Drakath: You again?
You: Yes Drakath, me again. You know why I'm here. Give me the wind orb.
You: Why would you be interested in it? You don't know how to use it's power.
Drakath: I know more than you think <insert character name here>. Anyways, Sepulchure gives the orders... for now. I can not fail him.
You: And I can't let you walk off this island with the orb. You can either give me the orb and run away...
You: ... Or I can take it back, and you can CRAWL away.
Drakath: There is nothing you can do to me that is worse than the price for failing Sepulchure.
Drakath: I have a feeling that you will be the one crawling, peasant! If you think you can take the Wind orb from me...
Drakath: Then come and get it!

After Battle

You: What...was that?
Drakath: I...I did nothing... the Wind Orb... Such power...
You: That was Dragon Magic. The orb is concentrated elemental dragon magic!
Drakath: ...And all that power is MINE! It responded to my wishes, I FELT it! And it totaly OWNED you! HA!
Drakath: With this power, you're no match for me! No one is.. not even Sepulchure! HAHAHAH! I FINALLY BEAT YOU!
Drakath: Man! that felt so good! Look! Look! Even my hands are shaking a little!
Drakath: Now to FINISH you with the orb's power!
You: ...
Drakath: What? No. NO! Orb, obey your master! Stop this! Finish <Player Name>!
Drakath: NOOOOOOOOooooo...
You: I can't let Drakath keep that orb, or worse, give it to Sepulchure...