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Ruins of Kordana, The Hunt Begins!


A hologram of a woman in a mechpilot suit at the end of the quest that gives you some surprising information about various things and people in Lore.

Important text

  • First screen inside ruins: You hear a female voice "Hello? Is someone there? I can't quite see..."
  • Third screen: "Be careful of the security drones... I can't cont*TZZZZK*"
  • Fourth Screen: "See if you can open the door with the three colored locks."
  • First screen inside the door with the three colored locks: "My scanners are cutting out... you'll *TZZZK* your own..."
  • Laser screen: "You've tripped the defense *TZZZZK* You HAVE TO *TZZZZZZZK* ...
  • Click kneel...
  • "... You destroyed the security sens*TZZK*, Good Job!"
  • At the chasm: "...Stranger, this will require a leap of faith to kickstart the safety measures!"
Conversation between you and her (the hologram):
  • Fades in
  • Kordana: You made it! Oh thank the maker. I'm Kordana. I'm sure you have many questions and I will answer what I can.

1st button, "What are you?"

  • Kordana: My name is Kordana. I was the onboard Artificial Intelligence unit for this mech before it ceased to function.
  • You: You were the onboard what now?
  • Kordana: Hm..that's right, the reset...Ok, think of me as a magic illusion. I've been here a very long time.
  • Kordana: A long time ago, I lost control of the security robots that you were fighting. They destroyed all the repairbots about 2700 years ago.
  • You: 2700 years!?
  • Kordana: I think so. I've been confused for the last few centuries. I believe my program is degrading.
  • You: I don't know what that means but it sounds bad. Is there anything I can do to help?
  • Kordana: You already have. Since the Wind Orb was stolen, we've been sharing the same back-up power supply.
  • Kordana: With the rest of the robots destroyed there will be enough power for me to last another few thousand centuries. Thank you.

2nd button, "Where are we?"

  • Kordana: This was a heavy Battlemech. It had a crew of 251 humans and 72 cordemi during The Reset.
  • Kordana: Thankfully I was able to get all of them into escape pods before we entered atmo.
  • You: You've said that before. what was The Reset?
  • Kordana: I'm not sure if I can explain it. During our last battle, reality had to be... rewritten. Let me ask you this, in YOUR reality...
  • Kordana: Does Artix still slay the undead?
  • You: ARTIX?! Yes! He does! Does he know about you? What about Warlic? Or Cysero?
  • Kordana: No, your Artix wouldn't know anything about me. Warlic might, it depends on how he merged. But Cysero? Did it land here too?
  • You: Land here? I think you're confused again. Cysero is a mage, not a ship.
  • Kordana: A mage?! Oh, I see! What a clever idea! Tell him hello for me. He should remember me.
  • You: ???

3rd and final button leading to a conversation, "Wind Pearl?"

  • You: Can you tell me where the Wind Pearl is inside these ruins?
  • Kordana: Wind Pearl? OH! That's what those pirates call it! It is actually the Wind Orb. It's a very powerful magical item, and was once my power source.
  • Kordana: I'm afraid that I cannot give it to you.
  • You: Please? It is the only thing that will stop the war between the ninjas and the Pirates on Sho Nuff Island.
  • Kordana: You don't understand. Your goal is admirable and I would give it to you if I could but I cannot. It was stolen weeks ago.
  • You: Stolen! By who?
  • Kordana: I will show you.
  • (Kordana fades out, replaced by Drakath)
  • You: Drakath! Kordana, I know this guy. If he wants the Wind Orb, then we have to get it back! It is too dangerous in his hands.
  • (Drakath Hologram fades out, replaced by Kordana again)
  • Kordana: You are right. If the power of the Wind Orb... or any of the other orbs...is misused it could be disastrous.
  • Kordana: Get the orb back at all costs! If my sensors had enough power, I could tell you exactly where he is...but I can't. I'm sorry.
  • You: It's alright Kordana. You've told me everything I need to know. I WILL get that orb back from Drakath!

4th button is "Complete Quest!"


Provides you with information.






  • Kordana's Hologram is that of a female Mechquest player.
  • She is probably a reference to the character Cortana in the Halo series.