Wind Orb

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Quest Appearances



  • The Wind Pearl
  • The Jewel of Four Winds


Wind Orb Ability: Attack
Wind Orb Ability: Teleport

Important text


Thyton: The source of the fighting between the pirates and ourselves is known to us as the Jewel of Four Winds.
Thyton: It is a powerful item that gives those who hold it control over the winds. Those simple pirates want it for their own reasons...
Thyton: For whomever controls the winds, controls the seas! But they know nothing of of its true power.
Thyton:: For centuries, we have closely guarded the secrets of the ninja wing magics that have made us such a powerful clan.
Thyton: But if we were to gain control over the Jewel of Four Winds then our magic would grow a thousandfold!
Thyton: We would be the unquestioned rulers of this island and the most powerful ninja clan on Lore.
Thyton: The jewel has been kept secret at the Ruins of Kordana, at the center of this island, for longer than anyone can remember.
Thyton: All of our attempts to recover it have ended... badly. But now a man named Drakath has taken the jewel from its resting place.
Thyton: I see by your face that you know this man. That is good. I want you to find him. He has been clever enough to escape our spies so far.
Thyton: You must go to the Ruins of Kordana and pick up him trail there. Hunt him down like the animal that he is. Return the jewel to me...
Thyton: ... by any means necessary. Now, go!


Rhubarb: <Your Character>, I must say that ye are making yerself more and more useful each day... except for blowing up that ship.
Rhubarb: I have a special quest for ye. No other pirate has been able to accomplish it. In the center of the island are the Ruins of Kordana.
Rhubarb: The Ruins of Kordana were discovered by the legendary pirate Captain Crossbone when he first came to Sho Nuff.
Rhubarb: Captain Blackberry discovered Crossbone's journal... it mentions that the Wind Pearl is hidden deep within the ruins...
Rhubarb: The Wind Pearl is what the Ninjas have been fighting us for all these years. They think that it's their Gem of the Four Winds...
Rhubarb: ... but they don't understand the pearl's power! With that item any pirate could control the winds of all the seas.
Rhubarb: That pirate's ship would move faster, and sail smoother then any ship ever has! It would never weather a storm!
Rhubarb: I want ye to do what many other pirates have tried and failed. I want ye to bring the Wind Pearl back here for Captain Blackberry!
Rhubarb: The Ruins of Kordana are a dangerous place. It's said to be the home of ghosts, strange magics and deadly traps.
Rhubarb: Crossbone's journal has a few clues that might help ye survive if ye can understand them...
Rhubarb: "Page 23... in the light of Kordana, only the penitent pirate will pass..."
Rhubarb: "Page 42... Above the Abyss of Kordana, only a leap of faith will prove the pirate's worth..."
Rhubarb: I have no clue what those mean, but maybe they will make more sense to ye when yer there.
Rhubarb: Good luck, <Your Character>. The Wind Pearl awaits... and once we have it, the war between Ninjas and Pirates will finally end!


Kordana: Wind Pearl/Jewel of the Four Winds? OH! That’s what those pirates/ninjas call it! It is actually the Wind Orb. It’s a very powerful magical item, and it was once my power source.

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