Darkness Orb

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Quest Appearances


  • A.K.A The Elemental Orb of Darkness
  • Orb of darkness, found by a Young Artix and Vayle. Though both touched it, the orb chose to "bond" with Lady Vayle and gave Artix the ability to sense the presence of the undead.


The Darkness Orb

Important text


Artix lifts the orb up

Artix's Voice Over: As I lifted the orb, I heard it talking to me ...
Artix's Voice Over: It was whispering in my mind ...
Artix's Voice Over: It said that I would have great strength and great power...
Artix's Voice Over: It said that I could increase that power a thousandfold, if I gave myself over to the darkness ...
Artix's Voice Over: ...
Artix's Voice Over: There was a moment when I almost ...
Artix's Voice Over: ...
Artix's Voice Over: ... But I did not.

Artix lowers the orb to the ground


Noxus: Ah good, Artix and <Character>. Right on time.
<Character>: Surrender the Darkness Orb, Noxus, and we may just let you walk out of Doomwood.
<Character>: Sepulchure has his own ways of dealing with failures like you.
Noxus: Give YOU the Darkness Orb? You could not control its power. I would never hand it over to you...even if I had it.
<Character>: You don't have it?
Artix: Only a necromancer with the power of the Darkness Orb could have built that army.
Noxus: Don't you fools understand yet?
Noxus: Artix, the day that you and Vayle came out of the Guardian Tower, Vayle brought the power with her ...
Noxus: ...Lady Vayle IS the Elemental Orb of Darkness now ...
Noxus:...and I alone control her!

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