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Quest Appearances


  • A.K.A The Orb of Light


Important text


Rebel Fighter: We know the location of the Orb of Light, and we know that you need to collect the orbs before your foe, Sepulchure does.


Sha'Rae: Several very brave rebels have risked their very lives so we could meet saely, so let's not waste time. I understand that you want the Orb of Light.
<Character>: Yes. Your father told me that you know something about it.
Sha'Rae: I do. I've studied the orb for several years in secret. I've read every legends and pieced together some of its history.
Sha'Rae: I'm fairly sure that the Orb of Light is responsible for the Sek-Duat dynasty. Emperor Sek-Duat The First got his hands on it...
Sha'Rae: ... and he used its power to take control of the Sandsea.
Sha'Rae: One history that I read said that after Sek-Duat The First took power he came increasingly paranoid.
Sha'Rae:: He had several children but didn't trust any of them. He thought that all his heirs were after his power and he felt that none of them were worthy.
Sha'Rae: I doubt that a man like that would have trusted anyone with the source of his power. He probably died before telling anyone where he hid it.
<Character>: He would have kept it close. That would mean that the Orb of Light is still is his palace somewhere.


Sandwitch: No more illusions. No more fighting. The Sandwitch senses that you truly wish to help the people.
<Character>: I do. I need the Orb of Light. The rebels are helping me fight it... and I'm helping them with their goals.
<Character>: Why would Sek-Duat send me to finish you?
Sandwitch: Not long ago, Sek-Duat's guards came to this cave and stole a spell from the Sandwitch.
Sandwitch: Sek-Duat doesn't want anyone to figure out his plans. The Sandwitch knows what spell he stole, and that is a clue to his ultimate goal.
<Character>: What was the spell that he stole from you? What does it do??
Sandwitch: That wicked yaga spell raises the dead. The Sandwitch thinks that Sek-Duat XV is obsessed with Sek-Duat the First.
Sandwitch:: He wants to raise his dead ancestor, to continue his rule. It will be a disaster for this land.
Sandwitch:: The Sandwitch does not know all the ingredients in the spell... but she know sthe Orb of Light must be used.
<Character>: So he DOES have the orb, or at least he knows where it is. Thanks Sandwitch. You've helped a lot.


Kasuf: I found out what Sek-Duat is doing with the rebels. The spell that he stole from the yaga spellbook calls for a strong magical power source...
Kasuf: That power source is the Orb of Light. The spell also calls for 'the life forces of 100 people who call you an enemy'.
<Character Name>: Once Sek-Duat XV has rounded up 100 rebels, he plans on exchanging their lives to resurrect Sek-Duat The First!
Kasuf: The rebels will be undead husks, empty bodies... zombie sevants. I... I couldn't risk that happening to my daughter.


Sek-Duat XV: I began searching the lands of Lore for the secrets to eternal life. I found that I could unlock the secrets of the Orb of Light...
Sek-Duat XV: ...then I could transform myself into a Lich, an undead sorcerer, blessed with eternal life but cursed with eternal undeath.
Sek-Duat XV: I have used its power to sustain myself for these last 1500 years, but once I became a Lich I realized my mistake.
Sek-Duat XV:: As a Lich I could never know the pleasures of the living, only eternal life and eternal unrest. I yearned to be alive again.
Sek-Duat XV: I kept searching for the true key to eternal life and I found it! Around 1200 years ago I have the spell to the Yaga sisters for safe keeping.
Sek-Duat XV: As we agreed, they sent their outcast sister to life her in the sands with the spell in her care, so that I could keep watch over it.
Sek-Duat XV: Each time I took my own place as the new emperor, I was a little more cruel.
Sek-Duat XV: I knew that if I squeezed these feeble peasants hard enough, that they would eventually rebel...
Sek-Duat XV: ... And that would give me the 100 enemies that I needed to return life to this undead shell!
Sek-Duat XV:: I'm only telling you this so that you can understand the true power that you face, if you choose to battle me.


<Character:> So the rebels have a lot more work to do. At least he will have most of his power without the Orb of Light.
Zhoom: What will you do with the Orb?
<Character:> I was lucky to beat Sepulchure to this one, but I still have to beat him to the rest. I can't watch them all while I'm finding the missing ones.
<Character:> I think that you would be a safe person to leave it with, if you wouldn't mind keeping an eye on it.
Zhoom: After all we've been through, you would trust me with the Orb of Light? Aren't you worried that Sepulchure will just buy it from me?
Character: No. I consider you a friend now, and I understand your code of honor. If I trust you with the Orb...
<Character:> ...then you will do everything in your power to keep it safe. I can't think of anyone I would trust more with the fate of Lore.
Zhoom: Thank you <Character>. I consider you as a friend, too. I will guard the Orb with my life.

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