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Invite Buttons for Guests

A Guest is an NPC who may join your party and adventures. Guests' HP and MP cannot be restored by shrines or other NPCs.
You cannot have more than 2 guests in your party (Friend A & Friend B). An additional guest will cause you to lose the last guest who joined your party.


  • A guest will increase the attack level of enemy monsters
  • If you have a Dragon Amulet you can go to Oaklore Keep and invite Captain Rolith as Friend A.
  • When you finish Critter Cave (the quest where Aria joins your party) all your guests will leave your party so you won't be able to take Aria to your other adventures.
  • Icemaster Yeti was only available in the Return to the Yeti Cave! quest during Frostvale 2007
  • Zhoom is only available in Zhowdown! and Sek-Duat Lives Again.In Sek-Duat Lives again, Zhoom gets healed before the final fight, as well.
  • Warlic is only available for the quest Xan's Volcano Fortress. However, he can be your guests on other quests if you click RUNAWAY on the first battle in Xan's Fortress.
  • Lady Vayle is only available for the quest Noxus Fumes
  • King Linus, Grrol, and G,joob are only available in the quest Gary in Dragesvard
  • In some times, when you click on the Teleport button, you stay with your guests (glitch?).
  • It was possible to get two Artix as your guests. First go to Amityvale and invite Artix as friend B, then go to Well, Well, Well and finish the quest. You should have two Artix as your guests! They have fixed this glitch.
  • It was possible to have two Galanoths as your guests (but for only one mission). First, invite Galanoth (in Dragesvard) as Friend B. Then do the quest Not So Great Escape, and you will have two Galanoths on your team. After the mission ends, though, the guests are automatically removed. Somehow the glitch has stoped working (likely fixed).it is also possible to get to galanoth's by inviting him in dragsvard as friend b and then doing the quest called east
  • If you have a Dragon Amulet, you can invite other, real, players into your party during the Sandsea quest where you have to fight the Mumragon (Scaled Level).
  • Toddler Dragon is the first guest to require a DA (and also currently only). In pvp you can keep your dragon to battle.
  • If you go to Battleon, Fire War, Battleon Burns, and bring along guests it is possible to keep Cranix and Xor Vralin II by battling General Varax and teleporting home during the dialogue.When using these guests, the enemies you face will be level 36.
  • Now it is possible to get Riadne as a guest. Go to Tomix and do the quest "At The Gate" then when they get added as friends teleport to home town. you get both tomix and Riadne as guests.
  • Rolith is also available in one quest. Go to Alina( in mana shop and training), quests, Rolith says GULP then he is your friend he does 4 hits all the time REALLY POWERFUL.
  • Aegis is also possible for a friend. You must be a soulweaver go to Ravenloss and invite Aegis (must be wearing soulweaver armor)
  • The best combo for each element enemy type is:
    • Darkness: Aegis, Rolith (D.A. only) or Artix + Riadne
    • Light: Aegis + <Your Dragon> (D.A. only) or Galanoth
    • Ice/Water: Tomix or Rolith (D.A. only)+ Riadne
    • Fire: Aegis + Riadne
    • Other Element type: Aegis or Rolith (D.A. Only) + Riadne
Two Artixes
Two Galanoths

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