Toddler Dragon

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Basic Informations
Level of Guest: Same as your character's level
Character Type:Guest
Location:Sunbreeze Grove, click Grow Dragon under the Train Baby Dragon menu for 10,000 Gold. Afterwards, joins via the Dragon Amulet Screen with the Summon Pet Dragon button.
Dragon Amulet Needed:Yes
Guest Statistics
Damage Type:Magic, Fire, Earth, Light, Energy, Darkness, Wind, Water, or Ice. (Customizable)
Special Effects:Only skill the toddler dragon currently has is Skip Turn.


  • It occupies Friend slot B. If it dies, you can re-summon it.
  • Unknown if it's a glitch or not, there appears to be two extra eyes half covered by the main eye...see for yourself.
    • Actually, I believe that those are the stubs of its horns starting to grow in...
  • if you battle akrthor and summon your dragon it will be giant its a glich and only use it to see after your dragon attacks game freezes up and you have to log out.