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The Sandsea


  • In the Sandsea saga, Zhoom is a Ranger/Bounty Hunter. He is first shown when you speak to the Rebel Fighter. He rides in on a horse and chases down the Rebel in a short tussle. He is known for his strong will and inability to give up. If you are posted as a bounty, he will track you down to no end.
  • Zhoom is the trainer of the Ranger class.

(Zhoom pvp id is 2)

Important text

Anything this NPC says that is relevant to the plot, or helps in any way.


  • Heal and Potion Refill.
  • Become a Ranger.
  • Set Home Town.



Guest Statistics

Basic Informations
Level of Guest: 15
Character Type:Guest
Location:Sek-Duat Lives Again
Dragon Amulet Needed:No
Guest Statistics
Damage Type:Ranged, Metal
Special Effects:Abilities
  • Fire: 150% Fire Attack
  • Zixcy: Summons Zixcy for 10-19 Energy Dmg
  • Bomb: 30-40 Ranged Fire Dmg. Chance of Acid: 10 turns of 3-5 fire dmg.
  • Double: Two hits 30-35 ranged light damage.

Enemy Statistics


General Stats Defense Offense
HP: scaled Strength: 0 Melee: 5 Damage: scaled
MP: scaled Intelligence: 0 Range: 5 Crit: 2
Exp: scaled Dexterity: 0 Magic: 5 Bonus: 0
Gold: scaled Endurance: 0 Parry: 0 Boost: 0%
Level: scaled Charisma: 0 Dodge: 0 Element: Energy
Race: Human Luck: 0 Block: 0
Dragon Coins: none


Shrink: 100%

Immobility: 65%

Bacon: 100%

Water: -50%

Darkness: 50%


  • When you ask Zhoom about his ears, he makes a reference to the Black Eyed Peas song I Got It From My Mom (He says I got'em from my mom).
  • Zhoom's pet, Zixcy is available in Cysero's shop for 175 dragon coins
  • Zhoom is a person who works for Artix Entertainment in real life.
  • In PVP/Aeris Battlespire: Zhoom was originally a warrior at level 30 with the sword Zhoom's Superior Blade. He has since become a Ranger. You can still battle him at Aeris Battlespire, to do so you must go to battle ID#, and type just the number 2.
  • Zhoom's Bow is identical to the the Mystraven mech's shoulder weapons from Mechquest.
  • In Aqworlds, he became the new king of the Sandsea.

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