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Critter Cave, Grams' Petshop, Heart of Gold


Aria, the granddaughter of Grams, the pet shop owner. She becomes the pet shop owner herself by the time of Adventure Quest.

Important text

Aria: You came here to save me? ... From what?

Choice #1: "From monsters!"

<Character>: This is no place for a little girl! I came to rescue you from these monsters!
Aria: Yeah thanks a lot. You just squished my new pet, her name was going to be Thomas.
<Character>: New pet? HER name was going to be Thomas? ... You're a weird kid.
Aria: My name is Aria and I'M not the one going around saving people from their pets.
<Character>: That...that THING was about to have you for lunch!
Aria: You really don't know much about training pets, do you? I guess I should thank you, your heart was in the right place.
<Character>: You're...welcome, I think. Are there any more "pets" I should know about before I get you out of here?
Aria: Sure. I come here almost every day. My Grandma is a great pet trainer. She's teaching me everything that she knows.
<Character>: Great, well let me see if I can get you back to town in one piece so you can see her again.
Aria: You worry too much, silly <Class>. OK let's get moving! This will be FUN!

Choice #1: "Ask About Bugs"

<Character>: Since you're such an expert, maybe you can tell me how to beat these things?
Aria: Ok. Arachnida Araneidae typifies it's family in its aversion sources of high can...
<Character>: WHOA whoa whoa. Araichawhatnow?
Aria: *SIGH* These spiders don't like fire.
<Character>: AH! Ok, what else? Oh, and uh...try to use small words.
<Character>: I'm not deaf, large words just BUG me! AAAAAAAHAHAHAHHAHHAHHAHHAHAHHAHHAHAHH! *snort*
Aria: .... *blink blink*
<Character>: HEH heh...heh.....*ahem* Get it? BUG me?
Aria: ... Oh i get it. It just wasn't funny. Are you done now?
<Character>: *Chuckle* Yes, Sorry. OK. How about the wasps?
Aria: The wasps don't do so well against earth. Don't ask me what they're doing down here. That's all you need to know, really.
<Character>: Great, thanks! Now lets get out of here!

Guest Statistics

Basic Informations
Level of Guest: 2
Character Type:Guest
Location:Critter Cave
Dragon Amulet Needed:No
Guest Statistics
Damage Type:Melee, Nature
Special Effects:None


  • Guest disappears after you exit Critter Cave.
  • in the quest "from ice to..." in archknight (via dragonfable) It is comically shown that aria has a crush on Ash Dragonblade

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