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Tomix is a young human SoulWeaver in charge of the Ravenloss Saga. He is the trainer for the SoulWeaver class. According to the designer on the DF forums, Tomix's SpiritLooms were borrowed from the Headmaster of his school, and therefore his SpiritLooms will look different from the player's SpiritLooms when the SoulWeaver class is released.

Important text

In Ravenloss

Tomix: Hello. It is good to see another human in this dark undercity.


Tomix: Ask your questions, <Character>.

Who are you?

Tomix: A SoulWeaver on a mission. My name is Tomix, and I need to fix a terrible mistake.
Tomix: Something I did that should NEVER be done. I was wrong, and now I have to make it right.


Tomix: A SoulWeaver is an Adept in the art of weaving with Elemental Spirits.
Tomix: Using SpiritLooms, which each SoulWeaver must forge by themselves, they are able to weave with an Elemental Spirit partner.
Tomix: Together they can create cloth which never gets dirty, cannot be destroyed by force, and can change color depending on the user's moods.
Tomix: It will also grow WITH the wearer.

What mistake?

Tomix: I was young and foolish, and defied the laws of the Headmaster of my school.
Tomix: Now it is up to me to hunt down the Corrupted Elemental Spirits I conspired with so that I can atone for the wrongs I've done.

Corrupted Spirits?

Tomix: Corrupted Elemental Spirits should NEVER be used in SoulWeaving. They taint the material forever.
Tomix: The spirit I followed here, Greed, corrupted the Cauldron Sisters until you saved them, but he won't stop there if he has a chance.


Tomix: He's one of the seven Corrupted Elemental Spirits I need to find and destroy.
Tomix: Most of the others I've taken care of, but Greed, Lust and Envy are still on the loose.
Tomix: I MUST destroy them!

Where are we?

Tomix: This is Ravenloss, a city under Falconreach, which is a town I imagine you know well.
Tomix: It is occupied by the ChaosWeaver Spiders, a race of beings which was once just like us.
Tomix: It's home now to many species of arachnids, as well as other dark creatures.
Tomix: I haven't explored the town yet; up until now, I've been studying the runes on this gate for clues about the city.


Tomix: The runes on this gate call it the Equilibrium Gate. It appears to be very important,'s locked.
Tomix: I've had some luck decoding the runes, but I still need to study more to figure out where all the keys are.
Tomix: All I know is we're almost certainly going to have to get inside it.
Tomix: Things are always in the last place you look, and we're going to have to go everywhere else before we can get in THERE.


Tomix: The history of the ChaosWeavers is known only to the highest members of the School of SoulWeavers, as well as a few Specialists.
Tomix: I know a little, enough to keep me alive as I continue my quest.

Need help?

Tomix: It won't be easy. It won't be safe. We won't have much help.
Tomix: Maybe if we're lucky, my SoulAlly Aspar will assist us from time to time, but I would welcome your aid down here!

Quests: Dusk Alley

Tomix: <Character>, we must begin without delay! Greed is out there, and so are the keys to the Equilibrium Gate!
Tomix: We need to find Greed AND gather the keys to get inside that Gate! Both tasks are equally important!
Tomix: I've learned from the runes on the Gate that the first key is located in a place called Dusk Alley.
Tomix: Have you seen any place that looks like that around here?
<Character>: There IS a dusty old alley over in the East part of the town. We should check that out.
<Character>: Does it say WHERE in Dusk Alley the key is?
Tomix: It says "Look for the Cloud in the Sky." It's the Cloud key. We'll find it.
Tomix: We HAVE to find it. Let's go, <Character>! We've got to find those keys, and Greed!

(quest ending dialogue here)

Quests: Weaving Emporium

Tomix: <Character>! It's good you're back. I've just decoded information about the next key, the Flax Key. I'm not surprised to find one there, either. It's in a Weaving Emporium, is what the runes call it.
<Character>: Oh, good. I don't suppose piles of satin and wool will attack us.
<Character>: But finding one key in a whole building full of fabric and weaving instruments...I can just feel the danger LOOMing over the horizon!
Tomix: *glare* Not THAT kind of weaving.
<Character>: Oh, cheer up, Tomix. We'll find your key! And probably trouble, too.

(quest ending dialogue here)

Quests: Market District

Tomix: We're headed to the Market District this time, <Character>! I'm almost certain that's where the Ember Key is hidden.
<Character>: Oh, good. I needed to pick up some groceries anyways.

(quest ending dialogue here)

Quests: Silkwood Park

<Character>: Hello, Tomix! I've got a good feeling about today. Let's go! You can tell me what key we're searching for on the way!

(quest ending dialogue here)

Quests: Mystlyk Museum

Tomix: <Character>, it's the Bolt Key!
<Character>: Wait, you've found it already? Without my help?
Tomix: Oh, no no. But I know where it is. We must venture into a Museum.
Tomix: Mystlyk Museum.
<Character>: ChaosWeavers HAVE museums? I never really figured them for the cultural type.
<Character>: I wonder if it's from the time before. When they were fully human.
Tomix: I am not sure. But I DO know we have to find that key. Let's go!

((quest ending dialogue here)

Quests: Dark Tower Penitentiary

Tomix: <Character>, thank goodness you're back!
<Character>: I'm sorry I've been away, I've been taking care of things up top. What's shaking?
Tomix: ...Nothing's shaking. We might be underground, but Ravenloss is a very stable city.
<Character>: Nevermind. Have you found more clues about the Bolt Key?
Tomix: I'm afraid I haven't come to a decision about where the Bolt Key could be.
Tomix: And we can't afford to delay our search for the rest of the keys any longer.
<Character>: We'll just have to hope we find the Bolt Key while we're looking for the others.
Tomix: Exactly. I DID translate the runes relating to the Icicle Key, though!
<Character>: Good news! We'll find that AND Riadne, then we'll find the Bolt Key. Then we'll find the others. Then we'll get in the gate!

((quest ending dialogue here)

Quests: Altar Hill

<Character>: How are you feeling, Tomix?
Tomix: Determined, Nalia. Very, VERY determined to find the Keys to get inside this Gate.
Tomix: And we WILL get Riadne back! It's my fault she's-
<Character>: She's our friend, and we want to help her. That's GOOD. But don't blame yourself.
<Character>: She wouldn't want that.
<Character>: Now, let's go get her back and find those Keys!
Tomix: Can you hear that chanting? Before we do anything else, we should find its source and investigate!

((quest ending dialogue here))

Quests: At The Gate

Tomix: <Character>!We've found every Key but one! Let's get the Void Key into the Gate and then we'll go hunt for that last Key we still need.
<Character>: Sounds like a plan to me! Just one thing, Tomix...
<Character>: About Aspar...have you noticed-
Tomxi: That he is my best friend? Yes. He is so good to me, so helpful! I can't think what would happen to me without him.
Tomix: Enough talking. We need to find the Bolt Key! Let's go!
<Character>: Let's Go! Let's Go! L-E-T-S-G-O! -clap clap-
Tomix: ...
<Character>: What? I felt the moment needed a good cheer! NOW let's go!

((quest ending dialogue here))

Quests: War (Race to the Judgement Wheel)

<Character>: I hope Riadne will be alright with Aspar.
Tomix: Aspar will take good care of her, I know it! We MUST start hunting for Greed. We cannot let ANYTHING stand in our way.
<Character>: And the ChaosWeaver Nation? I can hear their war drums beating.
Tomix: Both Greed and the ChaosWeavers want to conquer Lore. We must do our best, and that is all we can do. So let's go!



Random Quest

Ravenloss Quests


Guest Statistics

Basic Informations
Level of Guest: Scaled
Character Type:Guest
Location:Final Battle, As the Cauldron Boils..., Ravenloss
Dragon Amulet Needed:No
Guest Statistics
Damage Type:Melee, Evil
Special Effects:Thread: somersaults over enemy while attacking and then attacks twice from behind(6 attacks altogether), available after successful attack;

Cross: jumps around enemy (teleporting to different sides)(8 attacks altogether), available after successful attack;

Circle: punches twice then 'summons' swords that attack the enemy from different directions (10 attacks altogether), available after successful Cross

Guest Notes

  • Tomix is the first guest NPC after the update of the 9.0 engine to scale to your character level, HP and MP.
  • At the moment, unlike guest NPCs like Artix, Robina and Ash, Tomix can only join you in the Ravenloss Saga quests. Prior to the recent update, you could load Tomix into your party simply by clicking on one of the Ravenloss Saga quests right up to the point where clicking the button will take you to the quest and then backing out. He followed you even in other quests; the only disadvantage was that you had to reload him once he ran out of HP, MP and potions. But now, through the war!(Race to the Judgement Wheel) button in Tomix's quest map which will teleport you to the Ravenloss War, you can simply visit Tomix and click the button "Invite Tomix".
  • Tomix's special attacks have noticeably long cooldown times and drink MP fairly quickly. The advantage is that simple battles are generally over after one basic attack and one Thread, or one basic attack and one Cross if you're fairly desperate/you think Thread won't finish the job.
  • Tomix's element is evil so he always hurts monsters (good when you don't know what you're going to face).
  • Tomix still thinks the ChaosWeavers are enemies.
  • Tomix is one of (if not the) strongest NPC you can bring, but he will always load as 'Guest A'.
  • During Tomix's third skill, Cross, the swords he summons can be seen shaped exactly like the swords that can be dropped from the quest No Horsing Around, the Underworld Avenger.


In AdventureQuest Worlds, he sells the player the DragonLord Armor if the player has verified a Dragon Amulet account.

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