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The New Galanoth
Galanoth on his horse



Leader of the Dragon Slayers, top Dragon Slayer in all of Lore.

Important text

In Falconreach

Galanoth: I've come here looking for the best of the best! There is a world of difference between fighting sneevils and fighting dragons!

Why Are You Here?
Galanoth: My name is Galanoth. I travel the lands of Lore searching for the most foul and terrible beasts the world has ever seen... DRAGONS!
Galanoth: I destroy every single dragon that I come across. Right now I'm headed to the frozen nothlands.
Galanoth: I've also heard tales of something called Dragonbane... a rare mineral that is very toxic to the lizards.
Galanoth: I am looking for the very best of the best of the heroes in this town to come with me!
Galanoth: If you think you can make the cut, <Class>... then I'll see you in Dragesvard!

Have I seen you before?
Galanoth: No, I have never been to Testopia before.
Actually, It is called "Falconreach" now.
Galanoth: Really? Ok... so, I've never been to Falconreach before... Details, details!

In Dragesvard

Galanoth: Welcome to Dragesvard, <Character>. I stand between the good people of this town and the dragons who want to destroy their home!


Galanoth: I'll answer any questions that you have, <Class>.

Who are you?

Galanoth: My name is Galanoth. I'm a Dragonslayer and I've come to Dragesvard to defend it against attacking dragons.
Galanoth: It is my sworn duty to protect the innocent from evil dragons. Galanoth: There may be a "good dragon" but I've never met one. Or maybe I have... but it didn't last long enough to mention it.
Galanoth: I will never lay down my lance until Dragesvard is safe and every last dragon in the region is slain or runs.
Galanoth: If you want to join forces with me, then you are welcome... Just be sure you can handle yourself. I don't want to pick you out of dragon teeth.


Galanoth: a Dragonslayer is... well, it's exactly what it sounds like. We hunt dragons, then we slay them.
Galanoth: As far as I know, I am the only one in the world but I'm always looking for talented heroes to join the ranks of the Dragonslayers.
Galanoth: When I was younger I met a DragonMaster who called himself Frostscythe. He is a pathetic man ...
Galanoth: ... He uses his control over dragons to take what he wants. He's nothing but a sad, little thug. I despise him and his kind.
Galanoth: I decided to stand against people like Frostscythe ... to become the opposite ... so I became a Dragonslayer


Galanoth: Dragonlords... I have heard of them before. I know that they are similar to DragonMasters.
Galanoth: I know that there are differences as well. Dragonlords draw their power from an item called a Dragon Amulet.
Galanoth: It allows to speak to and control dragons. DragonMasters also have Dragon Amulets but theirs are fakes!
Galanoth: The fakes are fragile... shatter when they come up against a dragon with great willpower. I can only imagine how terrible real Dragonlords must be!
Galanoth: I have to admit... the power to control dragons would be very VERY useful to a Dragonslayer.
Galanoth: Maybe one day I will face and defeat a real Dragonlord... and keep their Dragon Amulet as a prize!


Galanoth: Dragesvard is the last human settlement in the northlands. The rest have been destroyed by these recent dragon attacks.
Galanoth: The rest of those were normal towns ... I'm sure that you've noticed how unique Dragesvard is.
Galanoth: It is built into the side of a giant iceberg that follows a strong tide around the northern sea.
Galanoth: It flows into the path of migrating seals and various schools of arctic fish and whales. It makes hunting and fishing very good all year round.
Galanoth: But the high ice walls, the icey overhang and the constant movement also make Dragesvard a fortress of ice!
Galanoth: The attacking dragons can't touch it, until they come up with a new way to attack. But dragons are crafty, cruel animals. it won't be long ...


Galanoth: Dragonbane is a rare mineral that can be refined into metal. It's very rare but very toxic to dragons!
Galanoth: I've always wanted to find enough to make a sword out of ...

The Attacks?

Galanoth: I wish I knew what caused these dragons to begin attacking the human towns in the area ...
Galanoth: ... But it really doesn't matter.
Galanoth: My job here is to stop these dragons from hurting innocent humans, and that' what I'm going to do.
Galanoth: If you really want to investigate, <Character>, go ahead. Just don't let it distract you from why you're here.

Become a Dragonslayer!

Galanoth: You have to earn the title "Dragonslayer", <Character>.
Galanoth: Surviving single combat against one of these wretched creatures takes more that a tough hide and a quick blade or spell.
Galanoth: When I have seen that you capable of being more than a dragonsnack, I will consider it.

In A Cold Reception

Galanoth: The people of this town deserve justice. Fighting the dragons off is working for now, but we need to find the source.
Galanoth: I have a lot of leads to follow and I could use another pair of eyes to help me investigate, as well as another pair of hands to help me fight.
Galanoth: If you think you are up to the challenge ... I have a lead that I'd like you to look into.
Galanoth: There is a cave in the base of an icy mountain to the northwest of here. The people say that it was once the home of a dragon ...
Galanoth: ...One of the BIG ones, a Great Dragon.
Galanoth: I think the dragon has cut and run. The cave is now home to a tribe of Killguins who call themselves the Killy Wily tribe.
Galanoth: Check out the cave. Look for any sign of the dragon... and try to keep your eyes open for any... unusual artifacts.
Galanoth: Return with me with whatever you find. Watch your back, <Character>.

After completing the quest

Galanoth: You found this in the cave!?
Galanoth: These are... these WERE my parents. When I was a child they were killed in a dragon attack.
Galanoth: Since that time, I've been trying to track down the great fire dragon who killed my family. The trail led me here when it went cold ... no pun intended.
Galanoth: So this is where he was hiding? But why would a fire dragon make a home in the ice and snow? What is going on here?
Galanoth: Thank you, <Character>. I gave up finding this locket years ago. This means a lot to me.
Galanoth: We still have a town to save but thanks to you I know that I'm still on the trail of that great fiery menace ...
Galanoth: ... Akriloth.

In Un-BEAR-Able Cold

Galanoth:<Player Name>,I have to put aside my own quest for revenge to help the people of this land.

Galanoth:As soon as this town is safe,you can bet that I'll be back on Akriloth's tail in no time,but for now...we have work to do.

Galanoth:The last human settlement to fall was a village named Frode,so the trail should be freshest there.

Galanoth:Frode was built high upon a glacial cliff,but that didn't save them from the attacks.Now the ruins are swarming with scavengers.

Galanoth:Normally,the frost goblins would have first rights to loot theruins,but a fierce tribe of armored polar bears have shown up.

Galanoth:This tribe call themselves the Ursice Savages,and they will take a break from driving off the frost goblins if you show up.

Galanoth:Fight your way to the remains of the village and look for any clues that might lead us to the ice dragons who destroyed the village

Galanoth:Return to me with whatever you find.Watch your back <Player Name>

After completing the quest

Galanoth:Interesting.This is a weapon called a shimat... but to find one in this condition is impossible.

Galanoth:The only people who ever used the shimat with any skill were the Ice Elves who once lived here in the northlands.

Galanoth:This shimat has been freshly sharpened.Theres not even a spot of tarnish on the steel.

Galanoth:This MUST mean that there are some Ice Elves left up here.They were fierce warriors when their land was threatened...

Galanoth:...But they were usually peaceful,from what I understand.Why would they join forces with the ice dragons?

Galanoth:You've done well,<Player Name>.Now we know where to look nexxt...the Ice Elf Ruins.

Galanoth:It looks like we have an entire lost race of people to rediscover.



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  • Possibly DragonFable's first NPC, introduced on 3/16/2006 as part of a group created for the purpose of giving players information about the game's beta testing. In addition to Galanoth, this group consisted of Vayle, Artix and Fae.
  • Galanoth is also an NPC in AdventureQuest.
  • Exerpt from Design Notes:

"Well now that the Necropolis is all tied up, we will be working on a new zone for a few weeks. I won't say much except A) you'll want to dress warm and B) you're going to want to find a disguise for your baby dragon. You know how Galanoth can get." This city has been confirmed as Dragesvard.

  • Galanoth's name in the real world is Tony Deller.

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