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Basic Informations
Level of Guest: Scaled
Character Type:Guest
Dragon Amulet Needed:No
Guest Statistics
Damage Type:Magic, Ice
Special Effects: Hailstorm (Hail): 6 hits of 50% damage targeted to random enemies;

Shield: +40 defense to your character;

Ice Domain (Ice): 4 hits to one enemy of 100% damage and weakens to ice -25;

Shatter: 1 hit of (estimated) 80% damage. Useless skill


  • He is your SoulAlly.
  • You must be a SoulWeaver to invite him, but he'll stay even if you change your armor back.
  • Since his level is scaled, combining him with Tomix is even more powerful than Tomix and Riadne although they both take up the 'Guest A' slot.
  • He will appear on the SoulSynch Skill when you use it after it has cooled down.
  • Uses lots of MP, so be careful how often you use his attacks.