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Warlic's new look


Warlic is found within the realm contained in The Portal by his large tents. After entering his portal, head northeast to find him. Warlic's name in real life is JD Adams.


The Archmage Warlic is tall, wears blue cloak with fur trimmings and has silver-white hair. If you talk to him, he will actually call himself a "blue mage." He's over 5000 years old.

Current Status

Warlic was reported missing, after the Mysterious Stranger's defeat. By merging Waroth and The Professor, he was brought back. Now due to him being a mage and because of his magical powers, he is currently hiding from the rose organization in chapter 3


  • Heal and Potions Refill



Elementals (Random Quest)

Other Quests
Save Lymcrest!

The Letter

Dragon Egg

Guest Statistics

Basic Informations
Level of Guest: 11
Character Type:Guest
Location:Xan's Volcano Fortress
Dragon Amulet Needed:No
Guest Statistics
Damage Type:Magic, Energy
Special Effects:Abilities
  • Zap: Ranged Energy Attack
  • Ice Strike: Ice Attack

Enemy Statistics


General Stats Defense Offense
HP: scaled Strength: 0 Melee: 5 Damage: scaled
MP: scaled Intelligence: 0 Range: 5 Crit: 3
Exp: scaled Dexterity: 0 Magic: 5 Bonus: 0
Gold: scaled Endurance: 0 Parry: 0 Boost: 0%
Level: scaled Charisma: 0 Dodge: 0 Element: Energy
Race: Human Luck: 0 Block: 0
Dragon Coins: None
Xan's Volcano Fortress


Shrink: 100%

Immobility: 35%

Ice: 50%

Energy: 20%

Additional Images


  • Other games have been affected due to Warlic's supposed death after Nythera killed him. In AQW, the Warlic server has been replaced with the Nythera server. *It was thought that his supposed death caused him to fade out of existence in AQ, but was actually not related to the incident.
  • Warlic now has a new look because his journey to Death's Realm revitalized him.
  • You are able to play as Warlic in The Final Showdown.
  • If you talk to him and ask about his name, the "Blue Mage", he will say he chose it because Black, White, and Red mage were already taken. This is a reference to the popular video game series, Final Fantasy. But, there is also a blue mage in final fantasy. The DF team apparently didn't know.
  • Warlic also appears as a character in AdventureQuest Worlds in the BattleOn town. He sells magic items to players and you can view 5 cutscenes through him.
  • You play as Warlic in The Final Showdown from the Elemental War.
  • IN the Elemental War when you play as Warlic, he says,"YOU SHALL NOT PASS!", a pun from Gandalf in Lord of the Rings:The Fellowship of the Ring.

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