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Nythera, Warlic's apprentice


Nythera is in Falconreach before, but was replaced by Artix, Thyton, and Galanoth. She used to replace Cysero. Now available in Warlic's Region, having replaced Warlic. After The Storm War ends, she stands beside Warlic in Warlic's Zone.


She is Warlic's apprentice, partly a dragon and seems way too power hungry.


Capes & Wings

In the past, you could buy following items from her:


Rise of the Dragonmage Quest Chain


  • She is possibly the BOSS in DragonFable.
  • You are able to play as Nythera in The Final Showdown.
  • It is hinted by Nythera in The Storm quest that she is the Warlic in AdventureQuest and AQW, due to now being able to take his form and that Warlic's dead. But now in AQWorlds Warlic and Nythera aren't the same, you can see them together with all the mages in a cutscene.
  • It is now not really possible for Nythera to be Warlic, on account that he has been resurrected.
  • The Storm War is the war when Warlic was killed.
  • Sometimes the Nythera saga doesn't appear when you go to her in Warlic's Zone
  • ^It always shows for me as long as I use the FalconReach Gryphon.