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Rare treasure hunter extraordinaire!


Valencia is located east of Falconreach, one screen right from Surewould Forest's entrance.


Valencia is a world class rare item hunter! No item is too rare; no quest too dangerous for her. She attempts to sell you a giant golden Cysero statue for 1 billion gold.

Important text

Valencia: Why hello there Adventurer! I'm Valencia, world famous rare item hunter! Could I interest you in this rare statue? Only 1 Billion gold!

Valencia: I live my life by one simple code. There is no item too rare and no quest to dangerous!

Trey Surehunter

Valencia: Trey Surehunter? Of course I know him. Why, he is my Father!
<Character>: Your Father?
Valencia: He went searching for "The Ultimate Treasure" in the Temple of Gloom and never returned. Until he does, I'm running the family business.
<Character>: Ultimate Treasure!?
Valencia: I don't know. If I knew I would be going after it too! But pops can have that one. I'm after a much bigger prize!
<Character>: A bigger prize?
Valencia: Legend has it that there is an all powerful weapon called the Blade of shucks, you don't want to hear about that rusty old thing.
<Character>: Well, actually. ..
Valencia: So ... you are a hero?
<Character>: Well ...
Valencia: How interesting! I love hearing stories about Heros. What is your story?
<Character>: Well ...
Valencia: Were you a young child raised on a farm who left to pursue a life of action and adventure?
<Character>: No ...
Valencia: Do you have amnesia and forgotten that you are actually royalty or have some secret hidden power?
<Character>: No ...
Valencia: Was your homeworld destroyed and you were sent here in the last escape pod?
<Character>: No ...
Valencia: Was your family taken from you are an early age causing you to train your entire life to protect others?
<Character>: No ...
Valencia: Did you find your super powers the day you lifted your weapon above you head and said, "By the power of numb's kill!"
<Character>: No ...
Valencia: Did you go back in time in a cool looking car to change the course of history for the better?
<Character>: No ...
Valencia: Do you have some sort of cool looking birthmark or symbol which is part of your destiny?
<Character>: No ...
Valencia: *Whispers* Did you realize the world around is really..*gulps* a computer game...and that you, are The One?
<Character>: No ...
Valencia: ...
<Character>: ?
Valencia: Are you absolutly sure you are a hero?
<Character>: ?
Valencia: We are going to have to work on your hero story...this is a very important part of being a hero.
<Character>: Um... sure?
Valencia: You should visit the forums, introduce yourself, and tell everone how you, <Character>, came to be!
<Character>: Black Dragon Box?
Valencia: Wait, what? You are after the Black Dragon Box!?
<Character>: Yes, I was trying to ...
Valencia: *Gasps* Wow, I cannot beleive it is you. So, you are the one ...
<Character>: ?
Valencia: ... destined to become a DragonLord!
<Character>: What!?!?!?
Valencia: Inside the Black Dragon Box was an Egg. The Sneevil must have dumped it out. Amazing how they can open any lock! (Clue for later)
<Character>: *gulps*
Valencia: I know where the Sneevil dump site is...I will help you find the egg. Hmm, I wonder how much it would be worth.
<Character>: Hey!
Valencia: Just between us, I am a bit suprised.
<Character>: Why?
Valencia: From the looks of you... I would have guessed you would have been going after the White Dragon Box.
<Character>: White?
Valencia: Nevermind that, lets go find where the Sneevil tossed out *smiles* your Dragon Egg!
<Character>: Alright!

Sneevil Dumpsite

Valencia: The sneevil dumped a Dragon Egg our of the Black Dragon Box at the sneevil dump site. I can show you the way there.


Valencia: A huge Vultragon stole the egg? I bet is was "Ultra-Vultragon!. He lives at the top of... Mt. Moordoor!


Valencia: Moordoor? It is a deadly mountain of treasure and the bane of a door to door salesmen everywhere! A huge Vultragon lives at the top.


Valencia: Vultragons? They are wretched scavengers that steal and eat other's eggs. Their eggs look very similar to Dragon Eggs.

Egg-xactly 5!

Valencia: All 5 of these eggs look identical, I am unable to tell them apart. Hmmm, you should take these to your little red Moglin friend. Good luck!

Idol Hands

Valencia: Pops left some old maps and one leads to an ancient temple near here! <Character>: Temple? Valencia: It's said that the people who lived there were unified from three tribes and created a golden idol to celebrate that. Valencia: Their temple was overrun though, and the idol broken. Now it lies in ruins covered in creepy-crawlies! Valencia: If you go and kill all the monsters maybe you can put the idol back together!

Valencia: I live my life by one simple code. There is no item too rare and no quest to dangerous!

Rare Item Hunter

Valencia: Hunting Rare Items? Each item has a rarity value. Items that only appear once, like unique war rewards, are the rarest of all.


Valencia: I heard that the citizens of Falconreach recently came into a lot of gold. I tough maybe they might like to purchase this one of a kind item.


Valencia: Rumors? I hear the 'Lady of the Cake' and Ring to Rule the Mall' quests are coming. I do believe the creators are quit insane.

Selecting Invite:

Valencia: I am up for adventure as long as there is a rare items or lost treasure involved!



The Sneevil Dumpsite
Egg Recovery
  • Bacon Origin Quests:
Bringing Home the Bacon
He's(a) Lyin'
Purebred Protests
It's a Wash
Heart of Gold
No Horsing Around
Frenzy at the Forge
Don't have a kow
Queen of the Jungle
Triple Threat?
Garden of Good and Ebil
Inside the Garden
The Secret Revealed
Grrrberus' Revenge

Guest Statistics

Basic Informations
Level of Guest: 8
Character Type:Guest
Location:Surewould Forest (That A'way Path)
Dragon Amulet Needed:No
Guest Statistics
Damage Type:Melee, Metal
Special Effects:Dagger: Range attack


  • There was once a glitch that caused Valencia to do exactly the same damage and element as the person / monster that attacked before her. If nothing attacked before her in that battle, she would do a critical of 150+ damage with none element and NaN attack type. This has been fixed.
  • Valencia's regular attack has a high chance of missing.


  • A Valencia is a brand of juice orange.
  • Valencia is also a city in Spain and Venezuela.

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