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The Wrath of Xan! war, The Plot Thickens, Friday The 13th III, Finale!, The Founder's Gauntlet, Save Lymcrest!, The Ultimate Weapon, Flashpoint, Battle for the Eastern Hills! and the Help? quest chain.

Xan is referenced by Icemaster Yeti during Frostval War Battle 2007 in cutscene 1 of the war, and in cutscene 2 it is said that he has gained frost powers, and therefore renamed himself Xanta Claus.

He then appears in the mourning of Warlic because he was the one who was supposed t kill him.

He appears in various parts of the Fire War such as: A Plea for Help, The Weapon, Packing Up, Eastern Hills, Help? (Xan Has A Plan) and the Fire War Epilogue.

Presently, he now has the Fire Orb and has used its power to turn Akriloth's skeleton into his own dragon. He then renames it Akriloth The Undead Fire Dragon and the two ride off to the volcano lair.


Xan is an insane, ultra powerful pyromancer. He is the responsible for unleashing the Elemental creatures upon the world.

It was he that started a war that nearly destroyed Falconreach, called the Wrath of Xan, and he was powerful enough to destroy the 299 Elite Guards of King Alteon with one single spell. In Friday the 13th - Part III, he cast an illusion over an army of light monsters to make them look like fire monsters, and together with the Necromantress invaded Falconreach once again. It is later revealed that the whole objective of this war was to replace one of the people of Falconreach with a spy, whose identity is unknown at the moment. EDIT:you can now find out the identity of the spy! it is unexpected and noone guessed right! although the spy isnt the real person (soz for the spoiler LOL)

Xan's most recent evil plan consists in transforming the river of Lymcrest in a river of lava, but with the help of Warlic the hero manages to defeat Xan in his own volcano fortress. He uses the last of his power to merge with his fortress and becomes Lava Titan Xan, which is seemingly destroyed when the hero´s dragon overpowers him.

But it seems the madman is not so easily beaten. It seems he has returned this Frostvale. How and why is unknown, but involves some newly gained frost powers.

Xan's Special Attack

Important text

In Bassault's Assault

Xan: DRAKATH!? How dare you attempt to give ME, the great Xan an order?
Drakath: I am calling in the favor you owned my father.
Xan: Hahahahaha... *Cackle crackle*
Yes. *Sizzle* Very well. Hahahaha... I will honor this. The whole town you say? Hahahahahaha!
Drakath: Yes. (player's name) has humiliated me and must pay the price for his/her defiance.
Xan: Good... hahaha good... I was looking for something to amuse myself with before I deal with Warlic.
Drakath: Excellent. How many of my men will you need?
Xan: *Smiles with flames* None...
Drakath: What? Are you mad?
Xan: Yes... Haha... yes! Let's see... Haha... It will take one week for my army to arrive in Falconreach.
Look past my shoulder... hahahaha... I have already... HAHAHA sent them a little taste of what is to come! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Drakath: ... <Looks surprised>

In Xan Bossfight:

Xan: *Cackle Crackle* HAHA... HAHAHAHA! This is the end!
Xan: Now... get out of my way while I finish this.
<Your Character>: No!
<Your Character>: We have defeated all four million waves of your fire monsters and the townsfolk are safe...
<Your Character>: ... and as long as there is still one unburnt board left in Falconreach to defend... you will have to get past ME!
Xan: What? You? YOU are going to stop me? HAHAHA Now that is funny!
<Your Character>: Leave now Xan. This is your last warning.
Xan: HAHAHAHA! I am trying to figure out who is more insane... me? Or you!
Xan: Perhaps you have me confused with the garbage that attacked here previously.
Xan: *Staring at you with fire filled eyes* You will not last 3 rounds against my fire magic.
Xan: ... and when I finish you HAHAHAHA my flames will engulf every last person and thing in this town!
<Your Character>: I have never felt a power Xan's before... but I must try, the people of Falconreach are counting me!
<Your Character>: For Falconreach!
If you battle... after a couple of rounds
Xan: Now, to finish you! HAHA! *Casts fire spell*
<Your Character>: *Faint*
Xan: Whats this? Still alive? Well well well, you might have proven an interesting challenge...
Xan: ... If I didn't have the Pyronomicon magnifying my abilities.
Pyre Spy: *Whisper whisper whisper*
Xan: WHAT!? Warlic, you say? HAHAHAHA! What a wonderful day!
Xan: Too bad for you hero. I was going to finish you quickly, but now I leave you to a slow death.
Xan: Farewell <Your Character>. I've got a meeting with an old friend. HAHAHAHA! See you in the afterlife!

In The Plot Thickens

Xan: HAHAHAHAHAH! The Heroes of Falconreach are completely preoccupied with my cleverly disguised fire minions.
Xan: You are free to make your move...
Necromantress: Cleverly disguised? They're on fire... all of them are on fire. How is that "cleverly disguised"?
Xan: ...The lavagoblin isn't on fire.
Necromantress: I have to admit, Xan, It takes an amazing amount of power to cast an illusion on an army of that size.
Necromantress: They really all seem to be alligned with Light instead of Fire. I'm impressed.
Xan: I am not here to impress you Necromancer. This illusion is only a taste of The Pyronomicon's true power!
Xan: I am only here helping you by Lord Sepulchure's command. I'm wasting time with you while Warlic sits in his tent and...
Necromantress: Don't lose your focus, Xan. Once we are donehere you may return to your obsession with the blue mage...
Necromantress: And I will return to my plans in Amityvale. You know the plan. Your minions distract the heroes, drain their energy and their resources...
Necromantress: ...then my undead army joins your forces and together they lay waste to Falconreach once and for all.
Necromantress: Finally we retrieve the Hatchling for Lord Sepulchure and claim our rewards.
Xan: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Not before my creation cooks dragon's master and the rest of those heroes!
Xan: Falconreach has already risen from it's ashes once. I do not like leaving things unfinished.
Necromantress: Do no fear. Even if our combined forces fall to <insert character name here>, our new powerful servants will finish the job!
Necromantress: These pathetic heroes are too tired to put up any kind of fight. Falconreach is doomed!
Necromantress: ...
Necromantress: ...Any chance we could turn down the heat in here?
Xan: I told you that you would regret wearing those robes. You COULD take your hood down.
Necromantress: No, I can't! I have a terrible hood-hair right now. How about a glass of water?
Xan: Water??! My HEAD is mostly made of FIRE! Why would I have water?!
Necromantress: *sigh* Nevermind.

In Friday The 13th III, Finale!

Necromantress: Amazing, he defeated BOTH of them?!?! How did he find the strength?
Xan: I guess that you have never had something to fight for...
Necromantress: Sepulchure will be... unhappy... with our faliure.
Xan: Oh I don't know... Let me tell Lord Sepulchure the bad news. I will take full responsivility for our faliure.
Necromantress: ...Very well. I don't know what you're up to Xan, but if you want to take the blame, be my guest.

Necromantress vanishes
Sepulchure appears

Xan: Lord Sepulchure, I've got some good news and some bad news. Which do you want first? HAHAHAHAHA!
Sepulchure: I do not have patience for your games Xan. Is it done?
Xan: Yes, my lord. During the confusion, I was able to make the switch and no one in Falconreach even suspects it.
Sepulchure: Good. What of your illusion? Is there a chance that the people of Falconreach will find out...
Sepulchure: ... that one of the people in Falconreach has been replaced with one of our spies?
Xan: There is no change of it. If I was able to cast an illusion on an entire army making them seem like Light monsters...
Xan: ... then not even Lady Celestia will be able to see through my illusion. The replica is in place and awaiting your orders.
Sepulchure: The two of us are the only ones that know of the replacement but the Necromantress is no fool. She might uncover her real role in this.
Xan: Shall I eliminate her?
Sepulchure: ... Not yet, she is nearing the end of her usefulness, but she has not reached it just yet.
Xan: BAH, you're no fun.
Sepulchure: You have done well Xan. You may return to your plans regarding Warlic.

In Xan's Volcano Fortress

Xan: Welcome to my home <Your Character>. Thank you for bringing Warlic all this way for me. HAHAHAH!
Xan: I assumed that eventually you would try to sneak in and take the Pyronomicon from me.
Warlic: I TOLD you it was a bad plan.
Xan: Quiet! You're going to make me lose my place!
Xan: Now... I've prepared my revenge on you both for some time. Now that I am more powerful than a hundred Warlics...
Xan: ...the time your humiliating defeat has arrived at last! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *cackle cackle*
Warlic: Xan... with all the new power... have you found a way... a way to free Jaania?
Xan: It's YOUR fault that she's imprisoned in that crystal! It's your fault that I look like... like THIS!!!
Xan: If you had been able to control your magic during our duel...
Xan: You just want to be the one to free her so that she will love YOU instead of me.
Xan: ... I LOVE HER MORE THAN YOU EVER DID! Even with the power of the Pyronomicon, I... I haven't been able to open the shard...
Xan: But I'm close... so close. Once I'm DONE with you I can focus all my energy on freeing Jaania.
Xan: And when she emerges, and you're already dead, she will thank me and love me forever... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Warlic: Xan, It was our combined unleashed magic that trapped her. If we work together... use our powers together again... then maybe...
Xan: No more tricks, Warlic. You've reached the end of your rope. However you, <Your Character>...
Xan: I can't deny your power. I would be a fool to let it go to waste. I have a proposal.
Xan: Kill Warlic. Kill him and I will release you, and share the power of the Pyronomicon with you.
Xan: Kill the blue mage while I watch and all this is power that I have is yours. What do you say?

In Frostvale 2007

Xanta Claus: ... Oh the weather outside's delightful... but my fiery wrath is frightful... *continues to hum*
<Character>: XAN!
Xanta Claus: <Character name>! Good to see you... and I'm called Xanta Claus now, at least for the holidays.
Xanta Claus: Ho Ho HoooaaaaAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *crackle crackle*
<Character>: Icemaster Yeti is going to be angry when he sees how you've redecorated his place.
Xanta Claus: HA! You think that wanna-be-moglin scares me now that he's gone soft? If he ever comes out of hiding my frost army will take care of him.
<Character>: How does a pyromancer gain control of an army of frost monsters anyway?
Xanta Claus: Funny story. A short time ago I accidentally fell into a pool of lava ...
<Character>: ... accidentally FELL... ?
Xanta Claus: Do you wanna hear the story or not?
<Character>: Fine, go ahead.
Xanta Claus: As I was saying ... I ACCIDENTALLY FELL into some lava. The underground magma currents carried me for a long time ...
Xanta Claus: It's not like the lava could hurt a guy whose face is on fire. Eventually the magma brought me to a frozen cave near here.
Xanta Claus: That's when I found THIS...
Xanta Claus: ... the EggNogonomicon! In its pages are all the secrets of the greatest cryomancers in history! A mystical tome made entirely of ice!
<Character>: But I thought that fire magic was your life ... that you hated the cold with a passion.
Xanta Claus: I'm trying something different. Stop interrupting.
Xanta Claus: Once Sepluchure found out where I was he gave me orders to destroy the frost moglins once and for all! AAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!
<Character>: Listen to me, Xan. I was visited by the Ghosts of Frostval Past, Present and Future. I saw what happens to Lore if you don't change your ways.
Xanta Claus: Does the planet turn into a giant dead iceball?
<Character>: Uh... actually... yeah. It does.
Xanta Claus: GREAT! That was my plan all along! I can't wait for a little peace and quiet.
Xanta Claus: Wiping out those insanely cheerful frost moglins is just the beginning. I'm going to burn their village to the ground ...
Xanta Claus: ... Then, when they have no homes to hide in, I'm going to freeze them into extinction! AAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA!
<Character>: That's where I come in! I won't let you or your new minions hurt a single hair on those moglins' heads.
Xanta Claus: HA! You think you can stop me with my mastery of fire AND ice magic? A single <class name> could never stand alone against me!
Icemaster Yeti: <Character name> doesn't have to stand against you alone.
<Character>: Icemaster Yeti??!
Icemaster Yeti: Sorry hero, I couldn't take the chance of letting you mess this up.
Icemaster Yeti: I told Chilly that I wouldn't let anything happen to him, and that is a promise I plan on keeping.
Xanta Claus: I was really hoping that you'd bring Warlic along with you, so I could kill you both at the same time... but this is a close second. HAHAHA!
Icemaster Yeti: I'm doing this for Chilly, but even if I'd never met him... I'd squish you just for moving my stuff around like this!
Icemaster Yeti: Ready, hero?

After defeating Xanta Claus

Xanta Claus: NOOOO! My own fire spells MELTED THE EGGNOGONOMICON! Wow, I feel kind of dumn now.
<Character>: With that book gone, you should have lost control over your frost army.
<Character>: Now, Icemaster Yeti and I are taking you back to King Alteon to answer for your crimes!
Icemaster Yeti: I don't think so, <character name>. We won't be taking Xan anywhere.
Xanta Claus: You're letting me go?
Icemaster Yeti: Not exactly. Your fire spells have also weakened my cave.

Xan falls

Xanta Claus: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....
Xanta Claus: ...




Xan's powers revolve around a force he calls the Pyronomicon. This is a book that powers him, and which he uses to become almost invincible. During Frostvale 2007, Xan (Xanta Claus) discovered the Eggnogonicon, which failed, and Xan gets defeated, again.

Rumor has it that they will create more of the strange books. The next book is rumored to be the geonomicon or the baconicon.


During the Xan Bossfight, Xan was blatantly IMPOSSIBLE to defeat (unless you hacked), yet you still received a prize for getting defeated. This could have been traded in for something rare, similar to the Ice Dragon Head in Frostvale. See The Last Board of Falconreach for the items you receive for trading it in. The plot remains the same even if you defeat him. In Frostvale, Artix said that Xan plans to become XANTA CLAUS!

  • During the mission Help? you play as Xan he can do 50 to over 500 damage

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