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Before: Falconreach, and the heroes of the west, ride east towrds Yulgar's crossroads camp, while Demento investigates Konnan's disappearance.
After: The ties between Drakonnan and his humanity are severed, there is no going back. This new evil must be defeated.
Location Info
Level Required: Any
Location: Fire War
Dragon Amulet Needed: No
Monsters and NPCs
Monster Generation: Fixed
Monster List: Fire Eater (Scaled Level), Enslaved Red Dragon (Scaled Level)
NPCs: Chaz, Yulgar, Ando, Reens, Galanoth, Demento, Twilly, Aria, Xan, Drakonnan
Total Experience: Scaled
Total Gold: Scaled
Equipment Won: Axes




  • Galanoth will join as your guest.


East of Falconreach

Chaz: Yulgar!

Chaz: Yulgar, we have another group coming back from the front lines...

Chaz: They're going to need equipment and repairs.

Yulgar: That's what I'm here for, friend.

Yulgar: How are they holding up?

Chaz: *sigh*

Chaz: We're still losing ground.

Chaz: Honestly, I don't know how long we can keep this up...


Chaz: The fire monsters have broken our defenses! Come on!

Meanwhile, back in Falconreach...

<Your character>:The horses are packed, we need to get going.

Reens: Right. We're all set.

Galanoth: Wait. Where is Demento?

In Yulgar's Forge

Demento: ...

Back outside

Galanoth: Brother, we must depart quickly.

Demento: I'll catch up with you.

Galanoth: What's wrong? I know that look.

Demento: Hmph, you know me too well.

Demento: I just.. have something I need to do.

Galanoth: I trust your judgement.

Demento: I'll make haste.. I'm look forward to fighting beside you again.

Galanoth: Me too.

Galanoth: Alright, let's go! We ride East!

Galanoth: Be safe, brother.

Demento: As should you.

As they are riding off, you see Aria and Twilly in a cart.

Twilly: I sure hope this was a good idea, Aria...

Aria: Oh, come on. It'll be fun!

Twilly: ...

Back in Falconreach in Yulgar's Forge...

Demento: The apprentice, was he kidnapped...

Demento: Did he just run...

Demento: He was crafting something, these scraps of red metal...

Demento: What happened to you Konnan? I know you were grieving but...

Demento: Something tells me you've turned to anger...

On a battlefield from one of the waves in the actual war.

Demento: These...

Demento: Not all of these monsters were minions of Akriloth!

Demento: I'll have to look for Konnan later, right now it looks like another is making a play for the plane of fire.

Shows an axe that says "Xan Brand (Made in Taiwan)"

In one of Xan's fortress


Xan: Finally I have the tool to rid the world of Warlic and all his troublesome friends. He won't be able to keep me from Jaania any longer.


Xan: Who knew that naive little Konnan would turn into such a wonderful apprentice.

Xan: It was well worth the promises of teaching him to enchant weapons with fire so long ago...

Xan: Now to plan my revenge against the Blue Mage...

Xan: ...

Xan: YES, I HAVE IT! I'll-

Xan: No, that is too boring. I need to kill him... creatively.

Xan: Like, with fire.

Xan: A LOT of fire.


There is a ball of flame and Drakonnan appears

Drakonnan: Master!

Xan: What did I tell you about bothering me when I'm on my throne?

Drakonnan: They're leaving, packing up and going east!

Drakonnan: We have to move now, I can't let them escape before I get my hands on them!

Xan: What?! Who heads east? Is the Mage among them?

Drakonnan: Warlic stays... for now. I want <Your character> though.

Drakonnan: I will burn the very breath from his/her lungs for leaving my family in the path of that dragon.

Drakonnan: They cannot escape! Not after I've gained the power to defeat them!

Xan: Wait, my young friend. I do not think you realize how powerful the mage is, he should be our first target.

Xan: <Your character> can wait.

Drakonnan: *screams in rage*

Then, Demento is standing somewhere in the shadow.

Demento: Konnan...

Demento: Oh no! I've been spotted!


Xan: I think I know the perfect thing to whet your appetite, Drakonnan.

Xan: Find the eavesdropper...

Drakonnan: I will crush them for daring to spy on us!

Xan: Bring them back alive, apprentice.

Drakonnan: Yes, master...

Outside the fortress, in some forest

Demento: Konnan is lost.

Demento: I must warn <Your character>, Galanoth... I can't let Ko...

Demento: I can't let Drakonnan get to them first!

Demento: HYAH!

Demento is riding through the forest. He is suddenly knocked off his horse by a ball of fire that is created when Drakonnan appears. Music similar to the music in Akriloth! starts playing.

Demento: Konnan...

Drakonnan: Hmph.

They start and stop fighting abruptly.

Drakonnan: You.

Drakonnan: YOU WILL BURN!

Drakonnan attacks Demento again, but, again, the fight is short lived.

Demento: Konnan, stop this!

Drakonnan: "Konnan is no more!

They once again start and stop fighting.

Drakonnan: *Hrgh* I... will... not... be... DEFEATED!

Drakonnan blows Demento back with a ball of fire.

Demento: Konnan...

Demento: You... will never...

Drakonnan: That is where you are wrong.

Demento: ...

Drakonnan uses the Fire Orb to send a spear of fire at Demento. The music stops as Demento falls. It is replaced by slower, sadder music.

Galanoth: !!!

Galanoth: Demento!

Galanoth: Something... something is wrong, we must go west! Quickly!

Back in the forest (Galanoth and you are somewhere east of there)

Drakonnan: You...

Drakonnan: You were one of the ones who tracked the dragon. A quick death is too good for you.

Drakonnan: You should have suffered as my family did.

Drakonnan: Know this, as you breathe your last. I do not care what Xan says...

Drakonnan: I will go east, I will gather an army using the Fire Orb, find <Your character> and DESTROY THEM.

Drakonnan: This world will be left a cinder!

Drakonnan disappears in a ball of flame.

You and Galanoth are standing on a ledge nearby.

<Your character>: Is this it?

Galanoth: Dragons!

Galanoth: We have to find Demento!

You then have to fight your way through the monsters.

After you have defeated the monsters:

Galanoth: DEMENTO!

Galanoth: My brother! I... who, who did this to you.

Demento: Ko..

Demento: Konnan. He...

Demento: ..Gone mad with grief...

Demento: Anger...

Demento: Mad with...

Galanoth: ...Demento?

Demento: Power...

Galanoth: NO!


Galanoth: Brother....

Galanoth: No... You will not escape dragon

<Your character>: Konnan...

<Your character>: What have you become?

A button pops up that says "The End" on it.