Frostval War Battle

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Snowball Fight!
Map During War
Frostval War Battle
Before: Defeat the wave of frost monsters!
After: You've pushed the last wave of invading frost monsters back but they just keep coming! It will be a long time before Frostvale is safe again!
Location Info
Level Required: 5
Location: Frostvale - Chapter 2, Act 3 (December 2007)
Dragon Amulet Needed: No
Monsters and NPCs
Monster Generation: Random
Monster List: Frost Mushroom (Scaled Level), Ice Elemental (Scaled Level), Frost Mummy (Scaled Level), Snowball (Scaled Level),Snowy Tog (Scaled Level)


Snowy Tog (Scaled Level)
NPCs: None
Total Experience: Random
Total Gold: Random
Equipment Won: Defender's Medal

Act 3

End of Cutscene 1

Cutscene 1

  • Chilly's Secret: (War Meter Reaches 33%)

Intro: Chilly has a secret that will change Frostval forever!
Story: Chilly has been helping out the former villian, Icemaster Yeti, by hiding him in Frostvale! All of the Frost Moglins demand the menace leave, but before he goes, the Icemaster Yeti says that Xan is the one behind the ice monster attacks.
End: Thus ends this part of The Legend of Frostvale. The next portion unlocks at the next marker on the map!

Important Text

Chilly: <character name>, do you think that these monsters will go away in time for Frostval?

Character: I hope so, Chilly. All of us...your dad, the other heroes and I... are trying our best to drive them back.

Character: The problem is that nobody knows why these monsters are attacking or what they want.

Chilly: ...I think I know why.

Character: YOU? Tell me what you know, Chilly.

Chilly: I think I'd better show you instead. It's in my our basement... follow me.

Follow Chilly button appears. Click on it to follow Chilly.

Character: Wow. Nice box collection. Are you guys secretly sneevils?

Chilly: These are all old supply crates, we store them and use them firewood during the cold months.

Character: ...Cold months? There are warm months in Frostvale?

Character: So what is this thing that you wanted to show me?

Chilly: It's ok. You can come out. <character name> will help us, I know it.

???: ...If you say so then I'll trust you, Chilly.

Icemaster Yeti appears. Your characters gets surprised.

Character: ICEMASTER YETI!!??

Icemaster Yeti: Yeah...uh... how's it going, <character name>?

Character: Chilly, what's going on?

Chilly: It's ok! He's a good guy now!

Character: What!?!? Chilly... this is the creature that tried to eat you last year!

Icemaster Yeti: He's right, hero. I've defected. That is a part of the reason that all the ice monsters are attacking town. They're looking for me.

Character: Ok, someone explain how this happened or I'm just going to start fighting something.

Chilly: It's easy! When we had me and the other moglins captive last year we talked a lot. At first, he wouldn't listen to me...

Icemaster Yeti: But this kid (refers to Chilly) just wouldn't shut up about how his papa was going to save him. I would have bet my life that he was wrong. Then, you and Blizzy DID show up, I was shocked. I've never seen that kind of thing before... ... I mean, you gave me ALL of your items just for the chance to save the moglins.... that looks guts, and something else. It took HEART! I joined Sepulchure becaused I was scared of him and my army joined me because I scared them. But when I saw much, Blizzy cared for the kid, and when I saw your selflessness... I don't know how to say it... It changed something in me. It going me thinking about some things. Chilly was right, and even though I took him and held him captive. So, when I told Sepulchure that I was done, and the new guy took over my cave... I didn't know where else to turn.

Chilly: When he showed up and asked for a place to hide, I couldn't tell no, <insert character name here>. It wouldn't have been in the Frostval Spirit. I knew there was good to him; Sepulchure hadn't driven it from him fully... So I gave him a warm place to hide.

Character: Does Blizzy knows about this?

Chilly: NO! You can't tell Papa! He wouldn't understand... He's still mad at Icemaster Yeti.

Character: I'm sorry, Chilly. Icemaster Yeti may have changed or may not... but everyone in the village will have to say about it.

Icemaster Yeti: <character name> is right. I want to tell all of Frostvale. I don't wanna them scared of me.

Chilly: Well, ok. I'll go get everyone.

--Frostvale Story Book appears with Loremaster Maya--

Maya: ...and so, Chilly calls the town together for a town meeting. Yeti crawled from the tiny door and entire village began to panic. Papa Moglin and <character name> were able to quickly calm them all down, and the village listened as Icemaster Yeti told his story... ... But the rest of the moglins of Frostvale were not as quick tp forgive as Chilly seemed to be...

--Frostvale Story Book disappears with all Frostval.--

Blizzy: Chilly, this..., this MONSTER cannot stay in the village!

Chilly: But PAPA!...

Blizzy: No! He captured the entire village! He's too dangerous to stay here. The village agrees.

Papa Moglin: He's right, my boy. The frost moglins have spoken. Icemaster Yeti, you are to leave here at once!

Chilly: No, you can't leave him Out in The Cold with all those monsters after him!

Icemaster Yeti: It's alright, Chilly. Thanks for trying. I'll always be greatful for the kidness that you've showed me. The heroes have cleared enough space for me to hide on my own, anyway. It's safer that way.

Chilly: NO! *cries*

Icemaster Yeti: Hey, Don't cry, kid. I'm though, I'll be ok! Maybe we'll run each other once <insert character name here> has made Frostvale safe again.

Character: I can't believe that I'm saying this, but be careful out there Icemaster.

Icemaster Yeti: Thanks hero. I'm counting on you to keep Chilly safe. Don't let me down.

Character: I will... One last thing... Can you give us any clue who is behind these attacks?

Icemaster Yeti: Last year he found out that the moglin's healing magic wouldn't work for his undead army... ...but the healing weapons DO work for your, heroes. It's cause them a lot of trouble. He wants to destroy Frostvale and end the moglin's healing magic. That's why he's having the village attacked.

Character: That explains a lot, but we still don't know who is leading the frost monsters forces.

--THAT'S NOW!!!!--

Icemaster Yeti: Oh, didn't I mention that already? The forces of the frost monsters are being lead... ...By XAN!

--Cutscene 1 ends--

Cutscene 2

  • We Three Spirits (War Meter Reaches 66%)

Intro: The three spirits of Frostval Past, Present and Future have come to save the day.
Story: The three spirits came to save the day and Artix kills them, thinking them to be bad!
End: With the three spirits of Frostval Past, Present and Future vanquished by Artix, the fate of Frostval is left to you!

Important Text

Character: So XAN, the insane pyromancer is behind all this...

Chilly: Is he dangerous?

Character: Yes, he is VERY dangerous and unpredictably crazy. Thy\at might explain why a fire mage is controlling an army of frost monsters.

Character: He can't stand the cold, which is good news for us. If we defeat his army, then we shouldn't have to bother with him.

Character: He'll just get tired of the cold and go back to playing with fire on his own.

Chilly: So you don't plan on fighting him? That's good. If he's as dangerous as you say, you might get hurt. ???: I'm afraid things aren't that simple, my friends...

Character: Who... who said that? Show yourself!

???: Fear not, winter travelers, for we have came to help you save Frostval!

She appears.

Frostval of Future: Behold, I am the Ghost of Frostval of Future.

Frostval Future: I also have with me the Ghost of Frostval of Present...

Ghost of Frostval of Prsent appears.

Frostval Present: Seasons greetings, <character>!

Frostval Future: ...and Ghost of Frostval of Past.

Frostval Past appears.

Frostval Past: MERRY FROSTVAL!

Frostval Future: We've come to warn you Character, of the danger that you currently face.

Frostval Present: Unless something is done, Frostval will be ruined...


Frostval Future: ...

Frostval Future: ... Past, we can hear you just fine. You don't have to be that loud.


Frostval Future: Ok, ok... just, whisper or something.

Frostval Past: I AM WHISPERING!

Frostval Present: *ahem* Back to the task at hand.

Frostval Future: Present is quite right. Xan is a larger threat than you now imagine right now <character>.

Frostval Future: Ever since he unlocked his frost powers he's been calling himself Xanta Claus, and his icy powers will only grow.

Icy rock appears.

Frostval Future: If his powers keep growing, by this time next year Lore will be a dead planet completely encased in ice.

Frostval Future: We have come to awaken what little Frostval spirit there is in him. It's kind of what we do.

Frostval Present: We're very good at what we do, but should we fail... the burden of stopping Xanta Claus falls on you, hero.

Frostval Present: If it comes down to battle, you will only be able to stop him if you get...

Artix: Ha HAAA!

Artix zooms in and kills Frostval Present.

Frostval Future: ...What the... that guy just took out Present!

Artix kills Future.

Frostval Past: HEY! STOP THAT!

Artix jumps in the air and kills also Past.

Artix: ...And that takes care that! THOSE spirits won't be haunting anyone anytime soon.

Character: Artix... you just...

Artix: No need to thank me friend! That's what paladins do.

Artix runs of the scene.

Character: ...

Chilly: ...

Chilly: ...Did...did Artix just exorcise the ghosts of Frostval Past, Present and Future?

Character: Not in that order, but yes.

Chilly: I can't believe that just happened.

Character: Well, I guess it's up to me to stop the Xanta Claus. These new ice powers might be something to worry about after all.

Book with TO BE CONTINUED appears.


  • Touching the blue moglin in the waves heals you.
  • Spoofed from "A Christmas Carol