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Oaklore start screen

A Hero was Bored Here (a.k.a Oaklore Keep)
Location Info
Level Required: 1
Location: Ash Dragonblade (Meta-Area); Default starting point
Dragon Amulet Needed: No
Shops and NPCs
Shops: Sir Pluss's Shop, Book Return
NPCs: Captain Rolith, Sir Baumbard, Loremaster Maya, The Pactogonal Knights.
Quests/Battles Areas: Many quests are available from the many NPCs in Oaklore. Scaled quests for the seasoned pros and low-level quests for new adventurers can be found here.

Sir Casm's Quests:

Sir Valance's Quests:

Sir Prize's Quests:

Sir Loin's Quests:

Sir Pernatural's Quests:

Captain Rolith's Quests:

Sir Junn's Quests:

Sir Vey's Quests:

Sir Ano's Quests:

Other Quests

The town of Oaklore is where the Dragonfable Prologue story occurs. There are beginner quests, low-level shops, and plot exposition galore. All the knight's names except for Captain Rolith are puns. Oaklore holds the most mysterious pun/joke, the storage closet. On the 9th March 2007 Artix reset everyone's home town to Oaklore.