Color Custom DragonLord

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Also see: DragonRider

Color Upgrade Female - Visit Paint Fairy to Customize
Color Upgrade Male - Visit Paint Fairy to Customize

Base Stats


Melee: 5

Ranged: 5

Magic: 5

Parry: 0

Dodge: 0

Block: 0


Critical: 5

Bonus: 1

Damage: 5-10

Element: Metal

== Abilities == Not ready Yet



  • Need a Dragon Amulet
  • Go to Lady Celestia to unlock and train this armor
  • Pay 20,000 Gold for this Color Custom version of DragonLord armor


  • It is possible to defeat The Old Man Of the Mountain at a lower level than he is during the quest, but he WON'T give you the skill you earned.
  • Dragonlords wield the DragonBlade by default.
  • DA only
  • Most people think you need to use the fire,earth, or energy attacks to use Dragonheart. You only need a DOT on it.
  • The Dragonlord armor is one of the strongest armors.
  • Official Dragonlord helm:Dragonmaster Helm
  • Official Dragonlord weapon:Wavecrest
  • Official Evolved Dragonlord helm:DragonLord Helm
  • Official Evolved Dragonlord Cape(s):DragonLord's Wings(lvl35) DragonLord's Wings(lvl20)
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