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Dragon Customization Screen
Element Customization Screen
Dragon Rider Training Screen

Weapon Bonuses


Base Stats


HP: 10000 (Base. Increased by END.)

MP: 12000 (Base. Increased by INT.)


Damage: 600-900



Dragon training

You can train your dragon if you go see Lady Celestia in Sunbreeze Grove. Each time you finish the quest, Togzilla Attacks!, you earn a new skill for your Dragon. Be Aware that at the end of every quest Togzilla gets more difficult to defeat. Easy Way to Train: The easiest way to complete the training quest is to have your dragon on a [[Primal Element[1]]] and use its Primal Skill (above the skill Mega Burn). The Kaiju will usually go down after one hit and if not use your strongest skill.

Dragon PvP


There is a special Dragon PvP Arena available in Sunbreeze Grove. Talk to Lady Celestia You have to summon your dragon before you can go to the Dragon Arena (PvP).

You'll need to dismiss your dragon when you want to quit.

You can't play with ID PvP yet. You can only battle staff dragons. They include: Captain Rolith, Zhoom, Artix, Cysero, Fisn, and Charis.

Primal Dragons

Primal Dragons are available when the quest chain for certain places are complete, and the Elemental Orb that pertains to it has been acquired. Primal Dragons have special markings on the Adult Dragon that pertain to the element it holds. To have a Primal Dragon for a certain element, go to the Elementize Menu in Sunbreeze Grove, click on an element, and then click in Primal. These are the places where you get the orbs.

  • You get the Darkness Orb from the Necropolis Quest Chain
  • You get the Light Orb from the Sandsea Quest Chain
  • You get the Ice Orb from the Dragesvard Quest Chain
  • You get the Wind Orb from the Pirate/Ninja Quest Chain
  • You get the Energy Orb from the Popsprocket Quest Chain

You cannot get Primal Dragons for Water, Nature,and Fire. Most people have been complaining over the fact that even though they finish the Fire War, they cannot get the Fire Orb/Primal Dragon. This is not a glitch. The reason is because if you pay attention to the Epilouge, in the end Xan has the Fire Orb and uses it to raise an undead Fire Dracolich.

==Dragon Customization==(DA Only)

Select your Dragon's Head type, Tail Type and Wing Type(DA Only)
Select your Dragon's Skin, Horn, Eye, and Wing Colors (DA Only)

Your elemental fire color varies on what element you selected for your dragon.


All of the DragonRider skills.

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Level: 10

Description: +80 Melee and Range Defense for 2 turns

Effect: +80 Melee and Range Defense for 2 turns.

MP Cost: 750

Prerequisites: None

Recharge time: 4



Level: 11

Description: 120% Damage

Effect: 120% Damage

MP Cost: 0

Prerequisites: Successful attack

Recharge time: 0



Level: 12

Description: 50% chance to stun for 2 turns

Effect: One attack of 100% damage, 50% chance to give enemy effect: Terrified: stunning for two turns.

MP Cost: 750

Prerequisites: None

Recharge time: 2



Level: 13

Description: 50% Dmg, 30% dmg for 3 turns

Effect: One shot of 50% damage, causes effect: Rend: 15% of normal damage (90 - 135), 3 turns

MP Cost: 250

Prerequisites: None

Recharge time: 2

Mana Regen


Level: 14

Description: Regens 25% Mana

Effect: Regens 25% Mana

MP Cost: 0

Prerequisites: None

Recharge time: 4



Level: 15

Description: 50% Dmg, -20 dragonelement, +10 Boost to enemy

Effect: One shot of 50% damage, enemy receives effect: Bite: -20 to your dragon's element and a +10 Boost. Bite actually gives +10 Bonus.

MP Cost: 500

Prerequisites: None

Recharge time: 0



Level: 16-17

Description: Unmissable: +100 to Hit

Effect: 100% damage.

MP Cost: 500

Prerequisites: none

Recharge time: 4



Level: 18

Description: 125% Dmg, -10 Boost to enemy for 5 turns

Effect: One attack for 125%, enemy receives effect: Pierce: -10 Boost, 5 turns.

MP Cost: 1000

Prerequisites: None

Recharge time: 9



Level: 19

Description: 10% Heal with a chance of Crit Heal

Effect: 10% Of a crit heal and 10% of get a crit heal. It also increases block for one round.

MP Cost: 2500

Prerequisites: None

Recharge time: 4



Level: 20

Description: 20% Dmg; -40 Hit for enemy, 5 turns

Effect: One hit of 20% Damage, enemy receives effect: Daze: -40 Boost, 5 turns. Effect actually gives -40 Bonus.

MP Cost: 2000

Prerequisites: None

Recharge time: 9

Dragon Strike


Level: 21

Description: +35 Crit for 3 turns, avaliable after a miss

Effect: +35 Crit for 3 turns.

MP Cost: 1500

Prerequisites: Unsuccessful attack

Recharge time: 0



Level: 22

Description: 100% Dmg, 15% dmg for 4 turns

Effect: 100% damage, enemy receives effect: Burn: 15% of normal damage (90 - 135), 3 turns

MP Cost: 1000

Prerequisites: None

Recharge time: 0



Level: 23

Description: Ultimate Mega Attack

Effect: Two hits of 100% damage each

MP Cost: 1000

Prerequisites: Health below 20%

Recharge time: 0



Level: 24

Description: Multi Breath Attack

Effect: Two hits of 100% damage, enemy receives effect: Burn: 15% of normal damage (90 - 135), 3 turns

MP Cost: 1500

Prerequisites: Successful Burn

Recharge time: 1


  • Color of flame will differ based on Dragon's Element.
  • DragonRider skills can be trained by free players, but they can only actually use their dragons in two quests the first is called called Titans of BattleOn! the other quest The Guardian Dragon where they must be a Guardian in AdventureQuest regardless of whether they have a Dragon Amulet or not.
  • DragonRiders automatically equip basic Dragonlord Armor and a light gray cape while on the Dragon's back.
  • If someone uses DragonScale as their first move then Dragon Strike will become available.
  • The crit heal has lowered down to 10% chance and a normal heal has gone up to 90% as of June 27, 2009
  • Skill Strategy for Titan Battles: Pierce, Burn, MegaBurn, Roar, Burn, MegaBurn, Scale, Mana, Coil, Attack/Breath/Eye/Frenzy, Attack/Breath/Eye/Frenzy, Scale-A.B.E.F again until the beating!!!!!!!!!
  • Once you finish fire war you can imbune your dragon with elemental orbs!!!
  • You now can get a PRIMAL skill where trinkets go in Primal Dragon Training
  • there is a hidden passive skill which is randomly activated causing your dragon to enter a berzerk rage,this is a hereditary egg for those who chose this type of egg. Can only use if you have a Primal Dragon.
  • Sometimes when using the normal attack, you are gifted with tremendous speed and can attack twice with any attack for a few turns.This is also a hereditary passive skill, and needs the pre-requisite of Primal Dragon Training.
  • When you harness your dragon with any of the Elemental orbs available, there is a bug that causes your dragon to keep its mouth open when using Mega Burn.

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