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Your Life Begins Here
Location Info
Level Required: Any
Location: North of FalconsNest / South of Amityvale / East of Oaklore / West of Surewould Forest
Dragon Amulet Needed: No
Shops and NPCs
Quests/Battles Areas:

Areas which are no longer available:

Seasonal Areas:


  • Fae used to appear in town during the game's beta stages.
  • Was released on September 2006.
  • During April Fool's Day 2008, all residents of Falconreach had their appearances altered to look like their MechQuest equivalents.
  • During April Fool's Day 2009, Falconreach was UPSIDE DOWN!!!
  • If you access some quests from the Quest Log, you may end up in an older version of Falconreach.
  • Falconreach is in construction, adding FalconsNest which includes:

- War Memorial
- Game Arena
- Theater
- Libraseum
- AspenVale Academy
- Statue of Demento
- Undead Cannon
- Monster Zoo
- Catapult
- Archer Tower

  • The Lady appears in Falconreach after clicking 'Sleep Until Evening' in Falconreach Inn