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Alac is a purple-haired girl who owns and runs Alina's Potion Shop and teaches the player mana potion making and alchemy.

Important text

Alinac greets the player with "Hello, I'm Alinac, and I'd like to welcome you to my potion shop! I can refill your potions and train you in the art of Alchemy and Potion-crafting!"

If you press Talk she gives the following dialog.

"My student, Reens, wrote me a letter a while back and said that there were NO mana alchemists in Falconreach!"


"Normally I work in Swordhaven, as King Alteon's Royal Alchemist, but I couldn't let the heroes of Lore here go without mana potions!"


"I began studying alchemy as a very young girl. It's facsinating to take objects and, through the magic of science, transmute them into entirely NEW things!"


"You can train Health alchemy with Reens next door or your mana alchemy skills here, with me!"


"Reens has been an excellent student. I'm sure you will be just as adept, once you start your training. As you get better, so will your potions!"


"As the Royal Alchemist, I'm qualified to train not just potion-making, but to train people as full fledged Alchemists!"


"Maybe someday I'll expand my School of Alchemy here, and train YOU as an Alchemist, too!"



Refills your health and mana potions, so that you have two full mana and health potions

Train Alchemy

Trains you in the art of Alchemy, which enables you to upgrade your mana potions.


Alina's Helm Shop - You must have level 10 Alchemy to access



  • Reens is Alina's apprentice.
  • Alina hints that there may be an Alchemist class in the future.
  • Many of Alina's dialog boxes are incorrectly labeled as Reens.
    • Because of this, Alina warns you about ambushes when gathering reagents, despite the fact that there are no ambushes when gathering potion alchemy reagents.
  • When you train mana alchemy, the amount of mana your potions restores increases by 5.
  • Was originally named "Alac".
  • Her ID in PVP is 232339.You can beat her as a fully trained Necromancer by using Dominate on her.It usally kills her instantly.You can get a lot of PVP trophies this way.