Hero's Heart Day

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Hero's Heart Day main screen (Click to enlarge)
Sign in Falconreach during Hero's Heart Day 2008

Hero's Heart Day
Celebrating Valentine's Day.
Location Info
Level Required: Any
Location: Falconreach (during Valentine's Day)
Dragon Amulet Needed: No
Shops and NPCs
NPCs: Big Daddy/Orb d'Amour - during 4th chapter
Quests/Battles Areas: Chapter 1 - Heart Shaped Box

Chapter 2 - Heart of Darkness

Chapter 3 - Change of Heart

Chapter 4 - Greatest Hug of All

Chapter 5 - The Threat List


  • This area becomes available every 14th of February, which is Valentine's Day for us.
  • Bug/Glitch- To directly go to Hero's heart day, use the interface data and go to The Sandsea. Then use the interface again and go to warlic's zone and use the portal. You will be back in falconreach with hero's heart day.