The Sandsea

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The Sandsea start screen

The Sandsea
Lair of the Rangers!
Location Info
Level Required: 3
Location: Travel To:
Dragon Amulet Needed: No
Shops and NPCs
NPCs: Rebel Fighter, Zhoom
Quests/Battles Areas: Quests



  • Numerous bands are referenced in this town,
    • Standing next to a brown bag in the town wields the result "A small bag of Korn". A play on words about the band Korn and the vegetable Corn.
    • Standing next to stack of jugs in the town wields the result "You find jars of clay near the doors". A reference to the bands Jars of Clay and The Doors.
    • Standing next to a crate in the town wields the result "This jar holds a whitesnake and some garbage." A reference to the bands Whitesnake and Garbarge.
    • Standing next to some scorpions in the town wields the result "Some scorpions and beatles. A reference to the bands The Scorpions and The Beatles.
    • Standing next to a bed of water wields the result "This oasis is surrounded by rolling stones, no doubt". References to the bands, Oasis, The Rolling Stones and No Doubt.
    • Standing next to some cages wields the result "The cages where they keep the eagles". A reference to the band The Eagles.
  • The Hard Way is the fourth quest to have a minigame in it: The first was the run of the Kessel, the second was Yulgar with Blacksmithing and the third is Reens with the Transmutation Circle.
  • This city was released on January 11 2008, one week after Sepulchure (Quest).

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