Big Daddy

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Big Daddy


The Forest of Infinite Terror as part of Hero's Heart Day.


He is the mastermind behind Snuggle-Grams that are delivered on Hero's Heart Day. He is also attempting to improve tourism to the Forest of Infinite Terror by changing all the plants and painting all the monsters (since he couldn't get rid of them) pink and changing its name to The Forest of Lovely Hearts.



You can trade your Tokens of Affection at the Hero's Heart shop for seasonal rares. He gives all Heros Heart Day quests (except for the quest in chap.4)

Special Armor

Allows you to put on or take off the class armor Snuggle Bear Armor. Only available during the Valentines Day Event

You can use a Snugglebear Helm to get the armor on even after Hero's Heart Day


  • His mouth moves even when he isn't talking.