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Reens as an Alchemist


Reens' Potion Shop, Falconreach


Reens is a blue-haired girl who owns and runs Reens' Potion Shop and teaches the player potion making and alchemy.

Important text

Upon clicking the button marked "Talk" Reens says the following: "I'm so glad that I finally got my shop set up just the way that I wanted it. It feels like I was unpacking for years."
On another click she says: "Can you keep a secret? It really took me this long because I'd lost my official Royal Alchemist outfit. I couldn't really open the shop until I found it."
On another click she says: "Now that I've got my outfit on again I can legally train beginner alchemists! I can't teach you much, but I can get you started."
On another click she says: "If you pass my tests then you can find a higher level trainer, and eventually you can become a Transmutation Grandmaster!"
On another click she says: "I wanted to continue my own training in Swordhaven but I was so excited to get out into the world and start helping people with my potions!"
On another click she says: "I've also been inventing new potions! I just made a fizzy, sugary one that I call Sodaburp! Want to try some?"



Refills your health and mana potions, so that you have two full mana and health potions.

Train Alchemy

Trains you in the art of Alchemy, which enables you to upgrade your healing potions.


Reens sells the following items:

April Fool's Day

Reens's Appearance during April Fool's Day 2008