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Captain Rhubarb


Osprey Cove


Greeting: Avast ye scurvy dog! You can call me Rhubarb. If you need something in Osprey Cove, you come to me. We pirates trust nobody.



Random Quests

Ninja VS Pirate Saga

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Rhubarb: Ye've got questions about Osprey Cove, then I'll answer them.

Who are you?

Rhubarb: Yar! I'm First Mate Rhubarb. I serve under Captain Blackberry The Pirate abord the Red Betty!. The most feared pirate ship in all the sea.
Rhubarb: Captain Berry is the most fearsome pirate alive, and his crew is the most dangerous, but I keep them on the line.
Rhubarb: They most fear the captain, but they respect me. Ye can ask anyone who sails the seas...I may be tought, but I'm also fair.
Rhubarb: Some of the seadogs here in Osprey Cove will try and cheat because they don't trust outsiders, but I'm not afraid of ye.
Rhubarb: If ye want to be a pirate, that suits me just fine mattey... Follow my lead and do as I say and ye'll learn her sea legs in no time.


Rhubarb: Yar! A pirates life is the best life one can have, but I don't expect a landlubber like ye to understand that.
Rhubarb: There be nothin' to tie ye down. Yer as free as the wind that fills yer sails! Yer home is anywhere that touch the sea!
Rhubarb: Some pirates are in the business for the riches... and it's true that as a pirate you take what you want, but a REAL pirate's treasure is his honor...
Rhubarb: …well, his honor and his gold! Alright, mostly the gold, but a pirate without honor is no pirate at all.


Rhubarb: *Spits* Ninjas! Nothing but treacherous, back-stabbing thieves! On the high seas you can see your foes coming from miles away...
Rhubarb: ... But all those scallywags know how to do is sneak around in the shadows like bilge rats! They are a plague on these islands!
Rhubarb: We pirates have been at war with the Ninjas for as long as we can remember. We can't make a move without the ninjas matching it.
Rhubarb: Everything single bit of cargo that we steal...salvage, they try and take back from us! It has got to end!
Rhubarb: I've got some plans to stop them... but I'd need someone as crazy as they were fearless to help me. Maybe yer that person!
Rhubarb: If you help me strike some mortal blows against the ninjas, then maybe you could earn your reputation as a pirate!

Osprey Cove?

Rhubarb: Within these islands, swarming with monsters and ninjas, the only place that a pirate can feel safe is Osprey Cove.
Rhubarb: For generations Osprey Cove has been a place that any pirate sailing these seas could call their home away from home.
Rhubarb: The people here don't much like strangers, and if ye fall asleep here ye might wake up with an empty backpack, but at least ye'll wake up!
Rhubarb: If ye need a new hook or cutlass, check out Meringue's Weapons, Ye can go to the Mermaid's Rest for a bite to eat.
Rhubarb: If ye need a haircut, check out Mince's Barber Shop. If ye lost yer parrot in a horrible cannon accident head over to Piratical Pets.
Rhubarb: They might still be wary of ye, but they'll open their doors for ye soon enough.

Heal & Potions

Become a Pirate

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  • Rhubarb's birthday is on January 25.