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The icon representing Zorbak
Zorbak is an ebil moglin who practices the Dark Art of Necromancy.
Basic Informations
Level Required: 3
Character Type:Pet
Location:Surewould Forest, Amityvale, Zorbak's Prank, Zorbak's Back!,The Outcast The Body Shop
Dragon Amulet Needed:No/Yes
Pet Statistics
Damage Type:Melee, Darkness
Special Effects:None, Zorbak wields the Zorbak's Skull Staff


Important text

If you click the button marked "Doom Weapons" Zorbak says: "Yeah Doom weapons are pretty good... if you are a insane, demented, psychotic and have no conscience or moral bearing." Hinting that there might be more to the Doom weapons than first appears.

Join party

Upon clicking on the button marked "Join" you will be given the option to have Zorbak join your party as a pet.

This option is only provided when you meet Zorbak in Surewould Forest.

Zorbak is only available to level 6+.

Become a Necromancer!

Zorbak will train this armor in exchange for Undead Slayer Badges.


Note:You need a Dragon Amulet to start the quest's Zorbak's Legion, Zorbak's Hideout, AmityVillian, Double Trouble, Seeking Queen


It's noteworthy that like AdventureQuest, Zorbak's scar changes positions sometimes.


  • During Frostvale 2009, Zorbak was gone and couldn't be added as a pet.