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Weapon Bonuses

Daggers: Two attacks with 60% damage each.

Staffs and Wands: One attack with 100% damage.

Swords, Maces and Axes: One attack with 100% damage

Base Stats



Melee: 5

Pierce: 5

Magic: 5

Parry: 0

Dodge: 0

Block: 0


Crit: 0

Bonus: 0

Damage: 5-10

Element: Metal





Level: 2

Description:+20 Crit,+45 Def Points for 4 turns

Effect: Grants +20 Critical and 45 Defence Points for 4 turns

MP cost: 6

Prerequisites: Daggers

Recharge time: 9 turns

Hint: When using stealth, each hit has a chance for critical, so maximize your crit chance by alternating between normal attack and rapid attack. (or wild throw for multiple enemies).

Rapid Attack

Double Attack.PNG

Level: 3

Description: Available after a successful Attack.

Effect: Daggers: 4 attacks, Non-Daggers: 2 attack (It appears to be changed back)

MP cost: 7

Prerequisites: Successful last hit

Recharge time: 2 turns

Surprise Attack

Triple Attack.PNG

Level: 4

Description: Extra damage when stealthed

Effect: Daggers: 1 strike with 250% damage

MP cost: 4

Prerequisites: Stealth needs to be activated. Must be using daggers.

Recharge time: 1 turn



Level: 5

Description: +140 Defense for 4 turns

Effect: Increases Defence points by 140 for 4 turns

MP cost: 6

Prerequisites: none

Recharge time: 9 turns



Level: 6

Description: Daze and DOT for 3 rounds

Effect: Enemy is unable to attack for 3 turns and is hit by DOT damage of your weapon

MP cost: 17

Prerequisites: none

Recharge time: 14 turns



Level: 7

Description: 20% Weapon Damage for 5 turns

Effect: One hit (single damage for daggers) with your current weapon, then 20% of your weapon's normal DPT converted to poison damage every turn for 5 turns.

MP cost: 3

Prerequisites: none

Recharge time: 2 turns



Level: 8

Description: Pierce Attack

Effect: Daggers: 100% damage(50%+50%), Non-Daggers: 100% damage; converts attack type to Pierce

MP cost: 4

Prerequisites: none

Recharge time: 2 turns

Mind Numb

Mana Strike.PNG

Level: 9

Description: Attacks MP instead of HP

Effect: Attacks MP with 200% damage

MP cost: 7

Prerequisites: none

Recharge time: none



Level: 10

Description: Stops a foe from running away

Effect: Attacks enemy with a single kick-attack and reduces his resistance to "Flee" to -100 for 20 turns

MP cost: 3

Prerequisites: none

Recharge time: 4 turns



Level: 11

Description: Attack, +20 to hit for 5 turns

Effect: Attacks enemy with a single attack with an increased chance to hit (+ 20%)

MP cost: 7

Prerequisites: none

Recharge time: none

Wild Daggers


Level: 11

Description: Hits all enemies

Effect: Attacks all enemies for 200% damage with daggers or 100% damage with non-daggers(Attacks pierce)

MP cost: 14

Prerequisites: none

Recharge time: 4 turns



Name: Blind

Level: 12

Description: -50 Hit for enemy

Effect: Attacks enemy with a single strike and reduces his hit ratio by -50 for 3 turns

MP cost: 13

Prerequisites: none

Recharge time: 9 turns



Level: 15

Description: 25% Chance of extra potion

Effect: 25% chance to find an extra potion and heal 100 HP instantly (or more if Alchemy is trained)

MP cost: 7

Prerequisites: None

Recharge time: 2 turns

Final Strike

Final Skill.PNG

Level: 18

Description: Guaranteed Crit + 25% dmg

Effect: 4-hit critical attack (one hit if daggers are not equipped) with 100% critical. May be parried, blocked or dodged!

MP cost: 8

Prerequisites: None

Recharge time: 14 turns


  • The Rogue's default weapon is the Dagger.
  • Also see Mage and Warrior.
  • If a DA holder saves a sword onto their Rogue, the Rogue's character page will show him/her holding two swords .
  • Because of the new build on DragonFable the Rogue attacks now look like the attacks of a DragonRogue. DragonRogues are still stronger.
  • The new Distract ability no longer uses cheesy catchphrases. Now the player attacks the enemy with 0 damage and it Dazes them, while doing DOT damage at the same time.
  • When the new Rapid attack is used, the character turns dark, and then spins around twice, attacking 4 times.
  • The new Throw and Multi Attacks hit with the element of your current weapon.
  • Although their are many people who have characters that are Warriors, the Rogue is the best base class.They usually tend to have high defenses while attacking very hard.
  • The new version and art of the rogue looks similar to that of a DragonRogue. For example, the new rapid attack makes the character spin around twice. Unlike the old version, where the character thrusts his daggers 4 times at his opponent.

Skills In Use

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