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Thyton in Falconreach


The First Pirate vs. Ninja War!, Falconreach (replacing Artix), Shadow of the Wind Village.


The leader of the Shadow of the Wind Clan on Sho Nuff Island.

Important text

  • Thyton: Greetings, <Player's name here>. I am Thyton, leader of the Shadow of the Wind Clan of ninja here on Sho Nuff Island.
  • Thyton: We've been at war with the Pirates of Osprey Cove for a very long time, both of us searching for the Jewel of Four Winds.
  • Thyton: Those foolish pirates have no idea of the Jewel's true power but, in their greed, all they can see is a great treasure.
  • Thyton: Last night they came into our village looking for the Jewel, which we do not have.
  • Thyton: They terrified the townspeople doing the only thing they know how to do... take what isn't theirs to take.
  • Thyton: We have sent a large counterattack to Osprey Cove but it has left the village vulnerable to their invasion.
  • Thyton: Those honorless thieves need to learn that we won't just stand aside and let them walk all over us!
  • Thyton: We could really use your help to defeat them, <Player's name>! Just drive them out of our town and keep whatever treasure you find!


  • Wear Armor - Give Thyton a Itchy Itchy Paradise, to unlock the Ninja armor. (Itchy Itchy Paradise costs 3,500 gold)
  • Train Armor - Give Thyton a Wind Scroll to train one of the Ninja skills.


April Fool's Day

Thyton's Appearance during April Fool's Day 2008