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Weapon Bonuses

Daggers: One attack with 75% damage

Staffs and Wands: One attack with 25% damage

Swords, Maces and Axes: One attack with 100% damage

Base Stats



Melee: 5

Ranged: 5

Magic: 5

Parry: 0

Dodge: 0

Block: 0


Crit: 0

Bonus: 0

Damage: 5 - 10

Element: Metal


Light: 5

Darkness: 5


All of the warrior skills.

Double Attack

Double Attack.PNG

Level: 2

Description: Available after a successful hit

Effect: Attacks target twice using 60% of weapon damage, 120% in total

MP Cost: 4

Prerequisites: Successful attack; will activate even though previous turn had not been used for an attack. For example, if you used it then used Triple Attack, it would have 1 cool down turn left. If that turn was used to either defend or use a potion, the double attack would still be there. HOWEVER, if it was used for an attack that missed, it will not reactivate. And you would have to wait another 2 turns for recoil.

Recharge time: 3 turns



Level: 2

Description: Attack and +20% Damage for 5 turns

Effect: You will do an extra 20% Damage for 5 turns.

MP Cost: 11

Prerequisites: None

Recharge time: 5 turns

Triple Attack

Triple Attack.PNG

Name: Triple Attack

Level: 3

Description: Available after a successful Double Attack

Effect:: Attacks opponent 3 times with 70% of weapon damage, 210% damage total

MP Cost: 9

Prerequisites: Successful 2nd hit of Double Attack. You can use this as long as the 2nd hit of Double Attack is successful, even if the 1st hit misses. It also works if you killed your enemy on your 1st shot.

Recharge Time: 0; Reactivated when another double attack is completed

Defensive Stance


Level: 4

Description: +140 to Defense and +50% Damage for 2 turns

Effect: You gain an extra 140% to defense stats and +50% to Damage for 2 turns

MP Cost: 11

Prerequisites: None

Recharge time: 5 turns

Mana Strike

Mana Strike.PNG

Level: 5

Description: Attacks mana instead of HP

Effect: Attacks the mana of the opponent instead of their HP

MP Cost: 5

Prerequisites: None

Recharge time: 0



Level: 6

Description: Ranged Attack +75% Damage

Effect: Converts attack to Pierce and changes to your weapons element. This means that your DEX will determine your damage bonus, not STR and an extra +75% Damage for that attack

MP Cost: 5

Prerequisites: None

Recharge time: 4 turns



Level: 7

Description: Stuns targeted opponent for 4 rounds

Effect: Attacks enemy for normal damage. Makes opponent unable to attack for 3 turns, no effect if the hit misses.

MP Cost: 17

Prerequisites: None

Recharge time: 15 turns



Level: 6

Description: Hits all enemies

Effect: Attack all enemies at once, conversion to ranged damage and your weapons element

MP Cost: 14

Prerequisites: None

Recharge time: 5 turns



Level: 9

Description: Stops a foe from running away

Effect: Stops a foe from running away . Gets stronger each time it is used, but takes longer to charge

MP Cost: 20

Prerequisites: None

Recharge time: 4+ turns



Level: 10

Description: Attack and +20 to hit for 5 turns

Effect: +20 chance to hit target for 5 turns

MP Cost: 7

Prerequisites: None

Recharge time: None



Name: Power

Level: 11

Description: +75% Dmg Attack

Effect: Single attack that hits for +75% if your base damage

MP Cost:6 MP.

Prerequisites: None

Recharge time: None

Strength Strike


Level: 12

Description: 20% enemy STR reduction for 5 turns

Effect: Attacks like a normal attack, but -20% STR to opponent

MP Cost: 7

Prerequisites: None

Recharge time: 2 turns



Level: 13

Description: Bleed 20% Damage for 5 turns

Effect: Single attack of 5-5 Metal damage, and causes 3-5 damage to opponent at the beginning of its next turn. Lasts 10 turns. It heals metal type monsters like Bee-Bot (Scaled Level), instead of of a negative number of damage, it will have a healing sign and the number of the negative damage(no negative sign)

MP Cost: 4

Prerequisites: None

Recharge time: 2 turns

Final Blow

Final Skill.PNG


Description: Guaranteed Crit + 25% Dmg (can be blocked, dodged or parried)

Effect: 100% chance to crit. Single attack of +75% damage.

MP Cost: 8

Prerequisites: None

Recharge Time: 14 turns


  • Also see Rogue and Mage
  • Warriors wield the Longsword by default
  • The upgraded version of the Warrior class is called DragonWarrior. This class requires a Dragon Amulet. It is advised that all Dragon Amulet holders with Warrior as their base class set their default class to DragonWarrior. It's the same class attacks and abilities, but their are different animations and slightly stronger attacks. To change the color of this armor visit the Paint Fairy.

Skills In Use

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