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Guardian Shield


Currently, this armor has 14 skills and also comes with potions and one base attack, and changes your default weapon to the Longsword. Armor is Color-Customizable.

Weapon Bonuses:

Having the Guardian Blade equipped will give you a 10% damage boost.

Base Stats



Melee: 5

Ranged: 5

Magic: 5

Parry: 0

Dodge: 0

Block: 0


Critical: 5

Bonus: 1

Damage: 5-10

Element: Metal


All of the Guardian skills

All Guardian skills require a quest to be completed or items collected to unlock.

Guardian Blast


Level: 1

Description: Guardian Blast of Fire.

Effect: 2 hits of Magic Fire doing 60% DPT per hit, for 120% total.

Mana Cost: 5

Prerequisites: Quest: Speak with Chiku in the Guardian Tower Library. Note that in the new Guardian Tower Library, Chiku has been replaced by Malek. Those with the Guardian class must now speak to him to unlock this skill.

Recharge Time: 4 Turns.

Multi Attack


Level: 2

Description: Hits all enemies with Energy wave.

Effect: Hits all enemies for 100% Magic Energy damage.

Mana Cost: 10

Prerequisites: Quest: Bring 10 Defender's Medals to Guardian Trainer Eckhard.

Recharge Time: 2 Turns.

Guardian Shock


Level: 3

Description: 30% chance of immobility for 10 rounds.

Effect: Enemy goes into Shock for 10 rounds. While in Shock, there is a 30% chance of immobility for that round.

Mana cost: 20

Prerequisites: Quest: RAID On The Bugs Nest

Recharge Time: 9 Turns

Guardian Shield


Level: 4

Description: +80% Block for 2 Turns.

Effect: +80% Block for 2 Turns.

Mana Cost: 20

Prerequisites: Quest: You must get one of the 5 Guardian Blades in Race to the KeyGems

Recharge Time: 9 Turns.

Light Strike


Level: 5

Description: 120% Light Dmg

Effect: 120% Light damage.

Mana Cost: 10

Prerequisites: Quest: Battle Krakhim

Recharge Time: 4 Turns.

Mana Strike


Level: 6

Description: Attack MP

Effect: Attacks MP instead of HP.

Mana cost: 10

Prerequisites: Quest: Bring 10 pieces of Scrap Metal to Guardian Trainer Eckhard

Recharge Time: 0 Turns

Keen Edge


Level: 7

Description: +25 Crit for 10 turns

Effect: Adds 25 to Critical for 10 turns.

Mana Cost: 5

Prerequisites: Quest: Give 5 Pouches of Sparkling Sand to the Guardian Trainer.

Recharge Time: 4 Turns

Guardian Heroes


Level: 8

Description: Summon the ghosts of fallen guardians.

Effect: 150% Dark damage.

Mana Cost: 20

Prerequisites: Quest: Bring 10 Ahzite Ore to the Guardian Trainer.

Recharge Time: 4 Turns



level: 9

Description: 100% damage over 3 Turns.

Effect: 33⅓% damage per turn for the next 3 turns.

Mana Cost: 5

Prerequisites: Quest: A Visit To Cysero.

Recharge Time: 2 Turns

Red Shift


Level: 10

Description: Cool Downs reduced by 3

Effect: Reduces any active cool downs for abilities by 3 turns.

Mana Cost: 50

Prerequisites: Quest: Give 10 Moonglow to the Guardian Trainer.

Recharge Time: 14 Turns



Level: 11

Description: -30 Hit for enemy

Effect: Reduces the Enemy's Bonus by 30.

Mana Cost: 10

Prerequisites: Quest: Bring 3 Aeris PvP trophies back to trainer.

Recharge Time: 4 Turns



Level: 12

Description: Enemy does -10% Dmg for 10 turns

Effect: Enemy does -10% Damage for 10 turns

Mana Cost: 10

Prerequisites: Quest: complete the 100 Rooms of Fiery Doom! and bring Wings of The Hundred Flames to the trainer.

Recharge Time: 9 Turns

Guardian Rage


Level: 13

Description: 12 Hits, Random Element.

Effect: Does 14 hits of either fire, water, stone, wind, light, darkness, ???(void), or bacon elements(randomly), doing 8.33% damage per hit, for 116.62% total.

Mana cost: 10

Prerequisites: Quest: You need to fight Dragonmaster Frostscythe (Scaled Level) and defeat him.

Recharge Time: 2 Turns

Guardian Dragon


Level: 14

Description: Guardian Dragon Attack

Effect: 4-hit in the element of your weapon

Mana cost: 5 MP

Prerequisites: Quest: You must complete The Guardian Dragon Quest. Unlocking this skill eliminates the need to have the Guardian Blade equipped for all skills.

Recharge Time: 14 turns

NPC's with guardian class


  • Need to be a Guardian in Adventure Quest to unlock this armor
  • 10 Defender's Medals to unlock a skill (update changed it away from the original do a quest)
  • Go to Guardian Castle in Falconreach to see the armor


  • The chances of attacking with the elements ???(void) or bacon are less than the chances of attacking with the other possible elements while using the skill 'Rage.'
  • Sometimes the Guardian Dragon will only say 1/2 a witty catchphrase and then it will be there until you use the skill again or log out.
  • Guardians only use "attack" in pvp.


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