Shadow Armor

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Shadow Armor (Male)
Shadow Armor (Female)



Not actual classes. These are just evil versions of the base classes, Can not be saved as base class.

Only available after buying the ShadowScythe T-Shirt and entering the code for that character. There was a glitch when the Shadow Armor First Came out- people were allowed to save it as their main class, but the glitch has been fixed. The Shadow Armor's Base Weapon is the Shadow Blade and is the evil version of the Base warrior/mage/rogue class.

Main/Base Classes Mage - Rogue - Warrior
Advanced Classes DragonLord (DA Only) - DragonRider (DA Only/Titan Only) - Ranger - Pirate - Ninja - Paladin - Necromancer - DeathKnight - DragonSlayer - Technomancer - SoulWeaver
Mounts Gnomish Personal Steamtank (DC Only)
Special Armors Pumpkin Lord (Seasonal Rare) - Evolved Pumpkin Lord (Seasonal Rare) - ChickenCow Lord - Evolved ChickenCow Armor - Snuggle Bear (Seasonal Rare) - Dread Pirate (Rare/DA Only) - Human Ninja Monkey (Rare) - Human Pirate Monkey (Rare) - Evolved DragonLord (DA Only) - Color Custom DragonLord (DA Only)
Pay to Use Armors Shadow Armor - DoomKnight Armor
ArchKnight Armors Boy Wonder - Young Hero