Pouch of Sparkling Sand

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The icon representing Pouch of Sparkling Sand.
Pouch of Sparkling Sand
The VurrMan Collectors seem to have a lot of these small pouches of sand. This item will sell well in the keep! Upon opening the pouch, the sands catch the light and seem to shine and glow on their own.
Type: Resource
Level: 0
Location:The VurrMen Ruins, The Mollo Tree, A Piece of (Fruit)Cake!
Price:Quest Reward
Exchanged at:Sir Vey
Reward:For 5 pouches of sparkling sand:


  • Hint for beginners: collect 15 "Pouch Of Sparkling Sand"s (P.O.S.S), complete all quests in Sir Vey's Camp, browse the rewards shop and buy all equipment (5 POSS each item).