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The Guardian Trainer Eckhard is a wonderous weapon smith. It is hinted he will soon open a shop to all guardians releasing level 50 weapons. Eckhard will train you through the guardian process; teaching the ancient ways of being a guardian. He can train you in 14 Guardian abilities. Quests given by Eckhard:

1.You are given your guardian armor it is rusty and at its weakest point, you must then go talk to the guardian librarian on the history of Guardianship.

2.You are sent out in the world to retrieve 10 defender's medals as it is a guardians duty to defend Falconreach and all of Lore.

3. You must save Gram's daughter, Aria from the Critter Cave showing your valor.

4. You enter the quest Race to the KeyGems to unlock the guardian's sword. By getting your Guardian Blade more powers become available to you

5. You will enter the forest to battle a legendary beast: Battle Krakhim.

6. You must go retrieve 10 pieces of Scrap Metal to repair your armor.

7. To shine out the rust spots you are told to retrieve 5 pouches of sparkling sand.

8. You will go into Bungle in the Jungle to quest for 10 pieces of Ahzite Ore. In order to further more, fix the ancient armor.

9. You will go to Amityvale, into the heart of the pumpkin patch and get 10 Moonglow.

10. You are thrown head long into the Aeris PvP Battlespire tournament to retrieve 3 tournament trophies.

11. You go to Cysero to magically enchant armor. To have an interesting and possibly deadly conversation (to your inventory).

12. Your final challenge so far known. You battle the legendary Dragonmaster Frostscythe (Scaled Level). (better bring a good fire blade)

April Fool's Day

Guardian Trainer Eckhard's Appearance during April Fool's Day 2008