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Male Technomancer Armor
Female Technomancer Armor

Technomancers, however, usually don't wield swords for a default weapon. It's really supposed to be a laser that hits 6-12 damage light.

Base Stats


Melee: 5

Ranged: 5

Magic: 5

Parry: 0

Dodge: 0

Block: 0


Critical: 10

Bonus: 1

Damage: 5-12 (base)

Element: Light (or the weapon element)


Skill Bar

Technomancer skills



Description: +80% Defense for two turns!

Effect: Block +80%

Mana Cost: 10

Prerequisites: None

Cooldown: 4 turns of cooldown



Description: Two-turn stun

Effect: Hits 3 times for 36% damage each hit, stuns for two turns.

Mana Cost: 10

Prerequisites: None

Cooldown: 9 turns of cooldown

Mana Grenades

Description:Boom! Manashot. Dmg based on your mana.

Effect: Deals damage based on your current amount of MP. Appears to have a base of 35% and a random of 40%. Recommended for high WIS builds.

Mana Cost: 20

Prerequisites: None

Cooldown: 5 turns

Charged Overdrive


Decription: 3 Turn Cooldown Reduction.

Effect: Reduced cooldown of all skills by 3. Please note that this is actually 4 turns, because you burned up a turn to activate the skill. Plan accordingly.

Mana Cost: 20

Prerequisites: None

Cooldown: 6 turns


Description: 15% heal

Effect: Heals 15% of your HP

Mana Cost: 30

Prerequisites: None

Cooldown: 3 turns


Description: 100% to hit.

Effect: 4 hits of 30% damage with 100% bonus.

Mana Cost: 10

Prerequisites: None

Cooldown: 4 turns

Rabid Byte

Description: Increases damage for 10 turns. Go togs!

Effect: +30 boost for 10 turns.

Mana Cost: 25

Prerequisites: None

Cooldown: 9 turns

Atomic Mass


Description: Increases weakness to metal (Fe)

Effect: -20 metal for 10 turns

Mana Cost: 10

Prerequisites: DA

Cooldown: 9 turns

Noise Blaster

Description: Reduces stun resist

Effect: -15 immobility for 10 turns

Mana Cost: 12

Prerequisites: DA

Cooldown: 4 turns

Earth Wall

Description: Like a firewall, that ROCKS


Mana Cost: 15

Prerequisites: DA

Cooldown: 4 turns


Description: Use the force(sword)

Effect: 2 critical hits

Mana Cost: 20

Prerequisites: DA

Cooldown: 4 turns

Photon Bow


Description: Five Shots, hits random enemies, with lasers

Effect: Five hits of 40% ranged damage on random enemies.

Mana Cost: 20

Prerequisites: DA

Cooldown: 5 turns

Black Hole


Description: 10% chance to stun each enemy

Effect: Small chance to stun enemy

Mana Cost: 20

Prerequisites: DA

Cooldown: 14 turns


Description: Removes enemy mana, the source of all bugs

Effect: removes enemy mana

Mana Cost: 30

Prerequisites: DA

Cooldown: 9 turns


  • From Yix at Popsprocket.
  • You must be at least level 30 to unlock the armor.
  • Need to get Charged Cog to unlock and train skills.


  • The Technomancer class is tied with SoulWeaver as one of the strongest classes under DoomKnight, Kathool Adept, Chronomancer, Togslayer and Frost Moglin Armor.
  • Photon Bow is good for fighting one enemy because it is a five-hit combo, but if you use it as a multi attack, it will sometimes hit an enemy that is already dead.
  • Rabid Byte gives a great damage boost, and is possibly the only attack damage self-buff in the game that is of any use. If the battle will probably last more than 5 turns, use it first.
  • There is a bug that causes the arm color to be the default skin color even when the player has chosen one that is not the default skin color every time the class is loaded. This can be fixed, but only temporarily by going to the barber in Falconreach, Osprey Cove or Popsprocket and push cancel on the haircut. The bug will reset itself if the armor is reloaded however.
  • Mana Grenades can deal very high damage, and it crits for huge damage. Have at least 30 INT, equip INT boosting items, and keep your MP near max. It will always do over 200 damage, but will start to drop off sharply as you lose MP. (END- This is not necessary. That same level of damage is available from only 15 INT, averaging ~150-200, but often getting past that)
  • Nanobots currently has an odd bug that causes your turn to drag on for several more seconds after you have used the skill. This is most noticeable when your dragon is with you, as it will be about 3 or 4 seconds before it can use its turn.
  • The BlackHole's skill has a spinning "immobility effect" hole sign.
  • The second quest, Popguns, is much easier to farm for the cogs than Pachelbel's Cannon, which seems to be the favorite. This is because there is no lengthy cut-scene, the talking can all be skipped, there are only a few enemies and it is possible, if not likely (happened to me and others), to never get a different reward from the quest.
  • The default weapon, Laser Screwdriver, seems to be a spoof of the popular sci-fi series "Doctor Who", as the explanation says "Who would use sonic?". (The main character in the series uses a sonic one)

Skills in Use

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