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I am a level fifty warrior and have been palying dragonfable for about a year and a half.

My Id is 3124910


Chef's Cord

Dishwashing Towel

Energy Ball

Silver Lining

Dark Crystal



Evolved ChickenCow Armor

Medewwsa's Head

Heartless ShadowReaper of Doom

Brilliant Blinding Light of Destiny

Gorgok's Scale

Electric Orbit


Elite Custom HarleQuape

Glittering Arctic Blade

Well-Done Flaming Bacon Lance


Blade of the Mount III

Giant's Silver Soupspoon

Rings of the Eryines

Sapphire Hood

Poseiden's Blade

ChamPAIN Skullcracker IV

Grand Master Sword

Brother's Blood

Bilious Blade

Amethyst Edge

High Pentrin

Blade of Wonder

Bank Items

Wings of The Hundred Infernos

Guardian Blade

Emperor Linus

My Little Pegasus

Lion's Pelt Cape IV


Hamelin Style

Villager Style

Gothic Style

House Items

Shadow of the Wind Village Drawring

PVP Banner

Arena Banner

Basic Colunm

Guardian Tile

Dragon Nest

Orb Of Saving

A Bush

Broken Healing Pad

Guardian Tower Window

Orb Of Saving


Light: Blade of Wonder lvl.50 56-74Bladeofwonder.jpg Brilliant Blinding Light of Destiny lvl.24 52-85Bbld.jpg

Dark: Heartless ShadowReaper of Doom lvl.24 52-85Heart.jpg

Fire: Sierlex lvl.40 50-72Fire.jpg

Water: Poseiden's Blade lvl.48 58-75Water.jpg

Ice: Glittering Arctic Blade lvl.40 55-67Ice.jpg

Energy: Brother's Blood lvl.48 55-75Energy.jpgMY FAVORITE!!

Silver: Giant's Silver Soupspoon lvl.43 59-67Gs.jpg

Stone: High Pentrin lvl.50 61-75Hp.jpg

Disease: Bilious Blade lvl.49 58-75Bb.jpg

Nature: Amethyst Edge lvl.50 61-75Ae.jpg

Wood: ChamPAIN Skullcracker IV lvl.48 61-76Cs.jpg

Metal: Grand Master Sword lvl.48 65-75Gms.jpg

Wind: Blade of the Mount III lvl.42 53-69Bm.jpg

Poison: Contamination lvl.33 42-68C.jpg

Bacon: Well-Done Flaming Bacon Lance lvl.40 37-85Wd.jpg


Guardian =14/14

DeathKnight =14/14

Paladin =14/14

Warrior =14/14

Pirate =14/14

Ninja =14/14

Ranger =14/14

DragonRider =14/14

Dragonlord =14/14

Pumpkin Lord =14/14

Necromancer =14/14

DragonSlayer =14/14

In Alchemy =40/40

In Blacksmithing =35/35

Additional Images