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Blacksmithing training interface.

Blacksmithing is the first non combat skill released in DragonFable. Released November 16th 2007, Blacksmithing allowed players to create their own weapons, by combining various materials. At this time the Resource Shop also opened to supply players with some materials needed to create the weapons. Reaching the final level of blacksmithing unlocks the Blacksmithing Mastery Badge in the Traveler's Journal.

How to Train Blacksmithing


Blacksmithing can be trained at Yulgar's Store in Falconreach. Blacksmithing can be accessed by talking to Yulgar about "Crafting: Build Weapons" then "Build My Own Weapons"


To train blacksmithing click on "Train Blacksmithing" at the Yulgar's Forge menu screen.


First Part of the Weapon's Name

Skull = Skeletal, Poisonous, Dark & Spooky

Rock = Rock Lord's, Fossilized, Weighted

Chicken = Cowardly, Feathered, Avian

Cheese = Dairy, The Head Cheese's, Cheesy

Plus = Additional, Healing, Surgical

Boot = Swift, Moglin Punting, Leaping

Mouth = Whispering, The Hungry, Silencing

Water Drop = Drowning, Moist, Rainmaker's

Fish = Smelly, Sushi Lover's, Fisherman's

Snowflake = Yeti's, Blizzard, Shivering

Eye = Blinding, Visionary's, The Pupil's

Tree = Barking, Nature's, Splintery

Candel = Waxy, Illuminating, Fiery

Book = Librarian's, Finely Printed, Well Referenced

Crystal = Crystal, Expensive, Sparkley

Middle Part of the Weapon's Name

Sword = Longsword, Claymore, Katana

Horseshoe= Toilet Seat, Lucky Charm, Horseshoe

Hammer = Hammer, Mallet, Sledge Hammer

Key = Master Key, Spare Key, Latchkey

Ring = Loop, Wedding Ring, Bracelet

Morningstar = Ice Cream Scoop, Morningstar, Mace

Shovel = Shovel, Spoon, Spade

Bust = Figurine, Bust, Statue

Fork = Fork, Trident, Pitchfork

Battle Axe = Battle Axe, Axe, Hatchet

Dagger = Butter Knife, Letter Opener, Dagger

Saw = Hack Saw, Hand Saw, Saw

Lantern = Beacon, Lantern, Lamp

Bell = Cowbell, Doorbell, Bell

Wrench = Monkey Wrench, Pipe Wrench, Torque Wrench

Last Part of the Weapon's Name

Fish = The Sea, Swimming, The Wharf

Crystal = Wealth, Crystal, Greed

Eye = Future Seeing, Sight, Invisibility

Water Drop= The Storm, Hydration, Liquification

Snowflake= Hypothermia, Frost Bite, The North

Book = Gude Spelinng, The Bookworm, Reading +1

Pluss = Math Mastery, Medicine, First Aid

Skull = Doom, The Undead, Necromancy

Chicken = Poultry, Egg Laying, The Chicken

Tree = Lumberjacking, Logging In, Rooting

Cheese = Cheesy Puns, Lactose Intolerance, Cheese

Candel = Light, Pyromancer, Burninating

Rock = Hard Rock, Stone, The Mason

Mouth = Tongue Twisting, Shouting, Snacking

Boot = Sprinting, The Marathon, The Foot