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Angler at Falconreach Harbor


Armor required for fishing mini-game.

Weapon Bonuses


Base Stats


Melee: 0

Ranged: 0

Magic: 0

Parry: 0

Dodge: 0

Block: 0


1 - 10 None




  • This armor can be purchased by entering the fishing zone.
  • This armor cost 1000 gold


  • There is currently a bug with this armor that causes characters wearing it to do a few odd actions when they go get a hair cut or drink potions during battle. Such as throwing a dagger and fainting. If this happens during battle,the game will freeze and you'll have to relogin to play.
  • When fishing, you can unequip your armor and the string will be dangling in the air.
  • If you unequip this armor in the barber shop, then you will be wielding your class's default weapon. You will also be able to equip your other weapons. This will also work if you equip Angler, then unequip it.
  • Don't like that fishing rod you use when your Angler? If not, then by going to the Fight Akriloth quest, you can get a temporary Frozen Claymore in its place. Actually fighting Akriloth is not required to get the temporary claymore.
  • If you use the frozen claymore (temporary) while equiping angler, the frozen claymore shrinks when you walk, and return to it's normal size when you stop
  • There are 35 lvl's in fishing which can only be acheaved with this armor
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