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Also See: Category: Armor for a listing of all equip-able items.


These Armors that can be equipped (and replaced) to substitute for a Default Mage, Warrior, or Rogue Armors. These armors are so far three Classes and two Holiday Event Armors which are:

Non-Default Armors


  • The ONLY three Armors that always will be available (To our knowledge) are the Guardian, DragonRider and Dragonlord, which are so far the only Non-Default Classes.
  • Some say the SnuggleBear IS an armor, and some say it is not; This debate is ONLY caused by the fact that the SnuggleBear Armor is equipped by activating (clicking on) The Snugglebear Helm outside of a battle. The fact that it gives you an entirely different armor with a complete set of DIFFERENT skills causes it to be a real Armor.
  • The DragonLord Armor and class has been released as of June 15th 2007.
  • ChickenCow Armor is currently still available in Cysero's shop for 45 Dragon Coins. It is unknown at this time if it will remain there or if it will be removed at some point.