Snugglebear Helm

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Snuggle Bear Helm for Male when equipped.
Male and Female appearance when activated.
The icon representing Snugglebear Helm.
Snugglebear Helm
Click on this helm to activate the SnuggleBear armor! This is a helm and armor worn by warriors of love everywhere. Happy Hero's Heart Day!
Level Required: 1
Equipment Type: Helmet
Location:(During Hero's Heart Day) Love is in the Air, Snuggle-Gram Delivery!, Tunnel Of Love, Heart-Shaped Box, (Throught out the year) Crystal Clear Lake
Price:Quest Reward (Extremely Rare Drop)
Sellback:5 Gold
Equip Spot:Head
Dragon Amulet Needed:No
Notes:Click on the bear head while wearing it to change into the Snuggle Bear Armor.


STR: +1

DEX: +1

INT: +1