Lord Frydae XIII (NPC)

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Lord Frydae XIII


The Vampire Tower


A vampire in the Guardian Tower of Amityvale.

Important text

Vampire Tower

Lord Frydae XIII: Ah, welcome. Welcome. It has been a long road, hero. I am certain that you have many questions. I will answer all that you ask.

Who are you?

<Character>: Who are you, exactly
Lord Frydae XIII: I am Lord Frydae XIII. The vampire lord who has lived here in Doomwood for as long as there has been an Amityvale.
Lord Frydae XIII: All the children of darkness that live here in Doomwood are my servants, even the mangy werewolves.


<Character>: What about Thursday? What part does she play in all of this?
Lord Frydae XIII: Ah, Thursday. She is my granddaughter.
<Character>: YOUR granddaughter?
Lord Frydae XIII: Technically she is my great great great great great great great great granddaughter.
Lord Frydae XIII: I was once human like you. I was also a father when I became the great being that you see before you.
Lord Frydae XIII: I have cared for my family for generations and protected my bloodline for hundreds of years.
Lord Frydae XIII: I have always known that NONE of these peasants deserve the gift of immortality. It is an honor I have been waiting to give one of my own children.
Lord Frydae XIII: Now, finally, Thursday was born and as I watched her grow I understood that I have finally found the one I have waited for.
Lord Frydae XIII: She will become a vampire like me. I will stay and rule from here and she will head into the world covering it with our darkness.
Lord Frydae XIII: Together we will find others who deserve the gift. Our kind will rule the world and I will be lord of all vampires!
<Character>: But why now? She has lived here for her entire life.
Lord Frydae XIII: Oh, she is a teenager now. We've done studies that show that vampires are VERY popular with the 12-18 crowd.
<Character>: WHAT??!
Lord Frydae XIII: I have been waiting for centuries to keep the business in our family. She is a fresh new face that the young people can identify with.
Lord Frydae XIII: She will make the perfect spokesvampire for our way of life!

Lon and Chaney?

<Character>: What about Chaney and his brother Lon? Where do they fit into this?
Lord Frydae XIII: Ah yes, the brothers who live out on Crystal Clear Lake.
Lord Frydae XIII: Both brothers were born in Amityvale. Chaney has always had a sharp mind... a little too sharp for my liking.
Lord Frydae XIII: He was following a trail that was centuries old and getting dangerously close to discovering that I have been here in the shadows.
Lord Frydae XIII: He had just stumbled on an old family portrait which would have linked me to Thursday, then I had an idea.
Lord Frydae XIII: As it turned out, Thursday had started growing a small flower garden on an island in the lake, which can be a dangerous place.
Lord Frydae XIII: She needed a bodyguard and Chaney needed a new distraction for his keen mind, to keep him off my trail.
Lord Frydae XIII: So I changed his brother Lon into my granddaughter's protector and Chaney's new research project.
Lord Frydae XIII: Trying to find a cure for Lon takes up all of Chaney's time. He's clever but by the time he cures the curse ...
Lord Frydae XIII: Well, there will be no further need to hide my presence at that point.

Guardian Tower?

<Character>: This is a Guardian Tower, isn't it?
Lord Frydae XIII: It was. The Guardians of Amityvale were once a great thorn in my side. Then, one day the tower came under attack.
Lord Frydae XIII: The attacking force was only concerned with what was in the basement, and the Guardians could not withstand their might.
Lord Frydae XIII: During the battle I took the remainder of the Guardians and made them into my ghouls.
Lord Frydae XIII: The attackers paid me no mind, and when the left they had taken the. ..
Lord Frydae XIII: Nevermind. I am sorry. I was getting lost in fond memories. Let us continue.


<Character>: What about the Necromantress who let me through the fog?
Lord Frydae XIII: Ah yes... her... I must admit that she had me fooled. I was certain that she was my faithful servant.
Lord Frydae XIII: But she serves another. I should have made her the offer that I am about to make you.
Lord Frydae XIII: You have come further than any have in centuries. I have tried to stop you at every turn and you have foiled me again and again.
Lord Frydae XIII: You are an impressive (Character Class). I am offering you the gift of unending life. You you like to become a vampire?

Choose: Never!
<Character>: The perks sound nice, but I don't think it's worth the price. I like going to the beach during the day.
Lord Frydae XIII: VERY WELL! I will not make that offer twice. If I cannot have you working for me then I must destroy you!


Choose: Yes!
The End. You accept Lord Frydae XIII's offer and he changes you into one of the undead, But he considers you far too much of a threat to be allowed to keep you free will so he changes you into one of his mindless vampiric ghouls. You're not really aware of what is going on around you but you take part in the destruction of Amityvale. You watch brainlessly, drooling a little bit, as Thursday is transformed into a true vampire and you assist with Lord Frydae XIII's plans of smothering the world in a blanket of darkness. Due to your power you quickly become one of the most famous ghouls in Lord Frydae's army of undead slaves, and also become the vampire lord's very favourite pet. Good for you. Here is your second chance. TRY AGAIN (Restarts the quest.)


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