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You need a Dragon Amulet to access this shop. Chaney is the owner of the shop in the Crystal Clear Lake Quest.

His brother Lon fell under a dark curse and turned into a werewolf.

Important Text

Chaney: I'm Chaney. I live here right on the lake. It's actually a swamp, but we call it a lake. My brother, Lon, also lives out there. Years ago he fell under a dark curse by a Vampire Lord and became a werewolf. I've been looking for years for a cure. Sometimes I hear him howl at night. It's a lonely howl, but also filled with bitterness and fury. He's much more animal than man now. Please...if you see must battle him. I don't know if there is a way to kill him, but you could hurt him. The more hurt he is, the less likey he is to venture into town and become a threat to others. I'll stay here and keep looking for a cure.


Upgrades your SkullStaff of Doom, ShadowReaper of Doom, Twin Blades of Doom


Chaney's Shop allows you to buy; Strange Portrait and Research Materials


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