Dragon Amulet

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Dragon Amulet

Dragon Amulet

Possession of the Dragon Amulet, often abbreviated DA, is the Guardian (AdventureQuest) equivalent in DragonFable.

Those who have the Amulet can:

  • Purchase and use DragonCoins (the amulet comes with 200 coins)
  • Enter special DA-only areas
  • Use better weapons and equipment
  • Test upcoming classes
  • Customize their Dragon in Lady Celestia's area
  • Buy better Dragon food
  • Save their equiped items in the Falconreach Tower
  • Re-color their Armor at the Paint Fairy
  • Talk with dragons (in the game)
  • Make your Dragon grow and fight Titans
  • Be eligible for the DoomKnight Upgrades!
  • Enter the The Sacred Dragonlord City, Dragonsgrasp!

Item Restrictions

Dragon Amulet's came on MechQuest

Certain items, such as the set of weapons called the 'Dragonlord's Set' (Dragonlord's Prize is an example), and other weapons of hard-to-control power (The Burning Curse for example), can only be wielded by characters possessing the Dragon Amulet.


One DragonAmulet: $19.95

Six DragonAmulets: $29.95

Dragon Amulet With 2,000 Extra Dragon Coins (2200 DragonCoins Total): $24.95

Extra DragonCoins (2,000 Coins):$9.95

Even more DragonCoins (5,000 Coins) $19.95

A whole lot of DragonCoins (20,000 coins) $49.95


When you are creating a new character and you did buy six Dragon Amulets, the new character will get the Dragon Amulet. When you are buying the Extra Coins it's for every character if you were buying Six Dragon Amulets. If you buy six Dragon Amulets, make a character, then you decide you don't like it; if you delete it and make a new one it would still have a Dragon Amulet and DragonCoins that you bought when you FIRST got the amulet