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Bag of Dragon Coins

What are DragonCoins?

DragonCoins are a special currency that is at the moment only available if you purchase them with real money, complete a survey, sign up for selected websites/phone services or win a contest at the forums. They can be used to buy incredibly powerful items, second only to the Doom Weapons.

What can I purchase?

You can purchase items such as weapons, armor, Quest stuff, and pet items. You can also upgrade up to 10 or more of a maximum of 55 (currently) bag slots at Cysero's Superstore of Savings.

There also is a new feature; The Falconreach Bank. You can purchase extra bank slots, for the same costs as for bag slots.

How much is it to upgrade your bag/bank slots?

First 10 slots --> 100 DragonCoins each (1000 DragonCoins Total)
Next 5 slots --> 300 DragonCoins each (1500 DragonCoins Total)
Last 20 slot --> 500 DragonCoins each (5000 DragonCoins Total)

  • Artix has hinted in the design notes that DragonCoins will be used to purchase Castles and Guilds in the near future.

How do I get DragonCoins?

You get 200 DragonCoins when you purchase a Dragon Amulet, or you can purchase 2000 extra DragonCoins with your Dragon Amulet for an extra $5, or you can purchase 2000/5000 DragonCoins for any character that is already upgraded for just $9.95/19.95 each time you want more Dragon Coins. You can also win DragonCoins by entering a contest on the Battleon Forums whenever one is being held. Dragonfable now also lets you get Dragoncoins for completing surveys or signing up for some websites/phone services. For more information refer to the designs notes to see when the next contest may come. Also, you might get some DragonCoins from Ballyhoo

What are the costs?

A Dragon Amulet with 200 DragonCoins: $19.95
A Dragon Amulet with 2000 DragonCoins: $24.95
Dragon Amulets for all 6 character slots with 200 DragonCoins each: $29.95
Dragon Amulets for all 6 character slots with 2000 DragonCoins each: $34.95
2000 DragonCoins: $9.95
5000 DragonCoins: $19.95
20000 Dragoncoins: $49.95

You can also get free Game Card to spend on portal.battleon.com HERE --> http://www.prizerebel.com/index.php?r=2675140

Selling Items

Originally, items bought by DragonCoins could not be sold, but on January 31st 2008, items were sell able for the first time. Once you buy a DragonCoin item you will have 24 hours from the time of purchase to return the item to any vendor for 90% of the original cost. After that, the DragonCoin item will have a 25% DragonCoin sell back. This did not apply for stackable items (such as Lady Celestia's "REALLY Special Dragon Chow").On Friday, Feb 1, 2008 the game gave you a 25% refund for any DragonCoin item that you have destroyed between then and May 2007.