The Vampire Tower

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The Vampire Tower's logo
The Vampire Tower
Become a vampire
The Vampire Tower
Before: It appears as if a vampire either moved into an abandoned Guardian Tower or took it over! This tower seems the be the source of most of the evil casting its shadow over Amityvale.
After: Lord Frydae XIII has fallen, but escaped at the last second in the form of a rat. No matter, you ruined his dark plans of overrunning the world with vampiric slaves. You have saved Thursday and the world!
Location Info
Level Required: 1
Location: Amityvale
Dragon Amulet Needed: No
Monsters and NPCs
Monster Generation: Fixed
Monster List: Lord Frydae XIII (Scaled level) / Lord Frydae XIII (Extreme) (Scaled level), Dark Drinker (Scaled Level), Vampiric Ghoul (Scaled Level), Doomwood Werewolf (Scaled Level), Guardian Ghoul (Scaled Level)
NPCs: Lord Frydae XIII, Necromantress
Total Experience: scaled
Total Gold: scaled
Equipment Won: none


  • To get a healing fountain, defeat two Dark Drinkers.
  • Wings of the Vampire Bat and Guardian Ghoul Helm(and their DA versions) used to be available in this location, but they are now considered a rare item.
  • To get here, you must go right from Tuesday (Going on the upper path when you come across a fork in the road) until you reach the very end. It will then automatically start the quest.